Cartier campaign is a dreamlike seasonal adventure by Publicis Luxe


Reconnecting with the magical tales of winter, French fashion brand Cartier is lighting up the end of the year with a fantastical new campaign.

Cartier at Christmas

The famous brand said it is an invitation to cross the starry night aboard a fabulous ship, on an imaginary voyage. ‘It carries with it the world of Cartier and sows in its wake the precious aura of the House’s creations’.

Beckoning us to follow, as it masterfully weaves the precious links that bond people and places, spreading a festive spirit around the world.

Whether it’s at the top of a mountain, above the clouds, the Place Vendôme in Paris, flying over a frozen lake, gliding down a snowy slope surrounded by fireflies, crossing an ocean of clouds, or getting lost in the heart of a fairy light illuminated forest of Christmas trees, this magical journey transports us to moments of enchantment and pure magic.

Fully crafted by the Publicis Luxe team, this international campaign features all the iconic jewels of the Maison Cartier: from the legendary Tank watch to the Love ring, spread around 16 animated capsules and a series of dreamlike images.

Jasmine Loignon, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Luxe, said of the campaign brief: “This campaign follows Love Is All, and marks Cartier’s desire to reconnect with magical winter tales with a strong narrative.

“We developed a magical house – an agglomeration of the brand’s temples – the Cartier mansions on New York’s Fifth Avenue, London’s New Bond Street, and the original, on Paris’s rue de la Paix.

“The animations are an invitation to fly across the starry night on a fantastical voyage, aboard an imaginary building carrying the House’s most iconic creations, bringing people and places together, and spreading the holiday spirit all around the world.

Loignon added: “We took environmental concerns into consideration and thought about the potential of technology.

“Instead of traveling around the world, we opted to create a magical, fairy-tale world with 3D, a hybrid between reality and fantasy.

“The jewellery was shot in real life by a photographer who specialises in Nature Morte in order to magnify the different Cartier pieces and highlight their iconic status.

“A major challenge was the design of the Maison, which had to accurately reflect the architecture of the brand’s 3 iconic houses (New York, London, Paris), and include staircases, a nod to the other boutiques around the world.

“The landscapes echo the magic of Christmas and the journey itself is Cartier’s way of sharing holiday cheer and bringing everyone together.”

The magical campaign will be available in stores, on Cartier digital areas and as print, digital/3D and window displays.