Carnsight Communications launches ‘Powerfully Practical PR’ eBook

LtoR: Jessica Morgan, Leigh-Ann Hewer, and Georgia Christley, Carnsight Communications

Carnsight Communications, a boutique PR firm based near Bath, is set to launch a new eBook, ‘Powerfully Practical PR’, on Amazon, 1 February.

An accessible guide to the art of Public Relations, the book is aimed at helping small businesses take on the key business function of public relations with confidence.

Powerfully Practical PR

Powerfully Practical PR will retail for £5.99 and will be available on Kindle, through the free app on IOS and Android or on the Kindle device.

As a consultancy celebrating its 8th birthday and specialising in SME, agency, and founder-led PR, social media and communications, Carnsight is well placed to help get businesses noticed by the right audience, at the right time, as explained in its guide.

The guide can help businesses with a range of aims, whether they are concerned with business development, generating awareness or leads, or simply bolstering their media presence and profile.

Going back to basics, The Carnsight team takes you through everything SMEs need to know to kick-start an effective PR strategy. From what Public Relations is and why you should do it, to content generation and social media management, Powerfully Practical PR has got you covered.

Business owner, Jessica Morgan, brings twenty years of industry experience to the pages of the book. In 2016, Jess made the decision to found her PR consultancy after working with numerous high-profile clients as director of PR agency Pumpkin.

“Good PR can make a real difference for small businesses, but it’s not always accessible – it can be daunting and sometimes difficult to find the funds to invest in PR support early on”, said Morgan.

“That’s where boutique consultancies like Carnsight and our eBook guide come in. It’s great to be able to share our learned experience and practical advice in a way that can empower businesses to take charge of their own PR.

There are no silly questions – just lots of useful, practical advice.”

She added: “This eBook was a real team effort and the brainchild of Leigh-Ann Hewer, so a big thank you to everyone who helped bring Practically Powerful PR to the market.”

Leigh-Ann Hewer, Senior Account Manager, said, “Small businesses often wear lots of different hats, and it can be tough to juggle all of them at once.

“We hope that Powerfully Practical PR will allow people to grow their capabilities and get started with PR on their own terms.

“It’s a great introduction for those who might not be ready to engage an agency, but are keen to grow their media presence.”

Powerfully Practical PR is currently available for pre-order here on Amazon.