Captify partners with Xandr Curate to transform programmatic ads

captify xandr

Global Search Intelligence firm Captify has announced the next evolution of its use of Xandr’s platform, Xandr Curate boosting advertiser access to real-time audiences across video and Connected TV. 

For the first time, programmatic buyers will be able to activate Captify’s live, intent-driven audiences – built by billions of real-time searches from global publisher and e-commerce sites – across curated multi-seller video and CTV private marketplaces (PMPs) in one of the largest omnichannel, global exchanges.

Captify and Xandr Curate

Xandr Curate facilitates the combination of Captify’s search-powered audiences through its Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) product with the ultimate high-attention environment, to pioneer the use of this powerful data set for brand awareness strategies, prospecting new customers and capturing viewer attention.

“Our relationship with Xandr brings the best of both of our offerings into one unique product, a massive game changer for brands that have had to compromise data for inventory, or the other way around”, Matthew Papa, SVP of Global Partnerships at Captify said. 

“Now, in a single, dynamic PMP programmatic buyers can seamlessly activate intent-rich audiences in premium supply to drive maximum results. 

“Not only that, they can unlock critical insights that move the strategic needle that directs the entire strategy.’

Brand marketers know that demographic and age profiling is no longer enough to constitute an in-market audience and until now, the inability to get closer to intent has meant that those strategies have had to suffice, leading to wasted spend, the firm said. 

Captify’s unique PMPs, which allow brands to access both off the shelf and highly customised interest and intent-based segments, are intelligent audiences that are updated every five minutes as consumer behaviors change. 

The freshness of the data pinpoints the early signals of interest, fast-tracked life moments, sporadic and trigger moments, unpredicted consumer passions, all the way through to immediate purchase intent, powering more efficient, effective and impactful video campaigns at scale, across any KPI.

Consumer habits shifting

Additionally, as consumer media consumption habits shift to online environments and streaming content, buyers are following suit. 

As CTV inventory moves from direct channels to programmatic channels, buyers are moving from buying on the open exchange to private marketplaces or “deals” as they are looking for safer ways to buy and better access premium inventory.

Xandr Curate enables data owners – publishers, retailers, data providers – to leverage their unique assets and generate additional revenue by reaching programmatic media buyers. 

The platform allows customers like Captify to create deals that combine their proprietary data with every type of inventory format from sellers on the Xandr Monetize SSP, one of the largest omnichannel, global supply exchanges. Moreover, the exchange-level deal IDs are tradable through any DSP on the market.

The platform offers a fully self-service UI, distinct from the managed service products available across most other platforms.

“Publishers, retailers and data providers often have valuable data assets they are not monetising effectively due to the lack of existing sales channels that offer the commercial control they want, with the programmatic tradability buyers demand”, said Ben Kneen, Senior Director, Product Management, Xandr. 

“Xandr Curate solves this by doing all the work that makes it easy to package and price proprietary assets against Xandr’s global supply footprint and through any DSP.”  

“It is gratifying to see Captify use the platform to successfully extend their unique assets to new environments, especially CTV, and create new revenue streams through innovation.” 

With the impending elimination of the third-party cookie, access to addressable audiences is becoming critical for media buyers. 

Captify’s Search Intelligence, which is not reliant on third-party cookies, solves for the lack of real-time consumer intent in the programmatic ecosystem and will continue to power intent-driven targeting strategies in a post-cookie world.

The Xandr Curate platform is also available to agencies, global marketers, scaled publishers and publisher coalitions.