Cannes Lions 2024: Leaders from ShowHeroes look ahead


The global advertising, marketing and creative sectors are packing their bags and heading to Cannes for next week’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, and ShowHeroes is among them.

In the first of our look aheads, we checked-in with the global digital content and advertising group to ask what its leaders are hoping for and expecting from the world’s biggest gathering of marketeers…

Ilhan-Zengin-showheroesIlhan Zengin, ShowHeroes CEO, on ad creativity

“(Digital) ad creativity is as important as ever – especially in a day and age with so much fragmentation, information overkill and new channels emerging around CTV/OTT and gaming.

“Ad creation has been and always will be the most important piece of every marketer’s puzzle.

“If you look at marketing from the perspective of the Pareto Principle, creative accounts for 80% of an ad’s success – no matter if we are talking branding (upper funnel) or performance (lower funnel).

“This should be grist to the mill for Cannes’ good old creative industry veterans, especially at a time when adtech has captured the industry with promises of groundbreaking user targeting and big data solutions.

“These, for sure, are important plays, but they count for very little when creatives fail to deliver against their target audiences and channels. Content and creation will always serve as the foundation of good and successful advertising.

“It’s important to make that call in and around Cannes once a year, but it holds true in all seasons; especially when it comes to video consumption and advertising.”

Kay-Schneider-showheroesKay Schneider, SVP on attention measurement

“At Cannes, advertisers will be keen to learn more on the progress being made around Attention measurement technology and how it is boosting advertising success.

“The technology is quickly maturing and common practices and methodologies are being learned and accepted. Hence, it will become the dominant metric / currency for online video in the next 2-3 years.

“We’re seeing particularly strong demand for Attention measurement capabilities in the CTV/OTT space, where viewability and CTR metrics are less relevant.

“Thankfully, Attention for CTV tech is finally starting to catch up and we’re seeing increased adoption going into Cannes. We expect the impact of Attention in CTV to be even stronger in 2025.”

Sarah-Lewis-showheroesSarah Lewis, Global Director, CTV on enhanced creativity in CTV

“At Cannes Lions we’re expecting advertisers to be more open to discussing the opportunities for deploying enhanced creatives in their video campaigns, particularly in the CTV arena.

“As the CTV market has matured, brands are beginning to understand that these lean-back environments are very different to the linear TV experience.

“Because of that, CTV demands its own unique approach that combines tailor-made creatives with enhanced, interactive features.

“ShowHeroes, for example, is seeing huge demand for our custom animations and voice command CTV ads, which drive increased user engagement and impressive brand uplift results.

“Interactive features like voice command are also opening the door to more ecommerce-based campaigns in CTV, attracting interest from performance-based marketers.”

Steven-Filler-headshot.jpgSteven Filler, UK Country Manager on sustainability

“I want this to be the year that the advertising industry moves from mostly talking about sustainability to taking action.

“Advertisers now have access to technology that can easily measure the carbon impact of their entire programmatic supply chain, allowing them to take action to reduce or offset emissions.

“ShowHeroes’ Green Media initiative was launched last year to give advertisers access to these capabilities.

“There needs to be more high-level, senior buy-in around initiatives like this, so that sustainable tech becomes a day-to-day feature of all digital campaigns.”