CALM, MoneySuperMarket create ‘bill’ ad for World Suicide Prevention Day


The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has launched a campaign, supported by MoneySuperMarket, to mark World Suicide Prevention Day with a full page press advert created by New Commercial Arts.

The advert uses the familiar and dreaded visual of a paper bill, to highlight the weight that money worries is having on the nation’s mental health.

Research has shown that 17% of people have admitted to having suicidal thoughts in the last 12 months due to financial stress.

The ad highlights that CALM is here to offer hope and support to anyone struggling through its helpline, webchat and online guides.

Print ads: CALM and MoneySuperMarket took the bill to full page ad level.

Earlier this year, MoneySuperMarket Group agreed a two-year charity partnership with CALM.

The full page advert looks like any typical bill that would drop through your door, and many have come to dread them over the last 18 months as the energy price rises, inflation and mortgage increases placed an incredible burden on many households across the UK and beyond.

CALM can trace its origins back to 1997, when it was launched initially as a Department of Health pilot in Manchester with the help of Tony Wilson, a music impresario and media presenter.

It was later rolled out to Merseyside in 2000.

It was a helpline targeted specifically at young men who were unlikely to contact mainstream services and who were at greater risk of suicide.

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place every year on 10 September, to raise awareness of and help prevent suicides around the world.

This year will be the 20th year the Suicide Prevention Day has taken place.