Cain&abelDDB launches On-Site new in-housing model


UK-based creative production agency cain&abelDDB has announced the launch of its new in-housing model, On-Site.

On-Site puts creativity at the heart of in-house marketing, providing a holistic solution that delivers exceptional results.

On-Site launches

This promise is reflected in the agency’s new On-Site proposition, “Creativity Made Personal”.

The marketing landscape is undergoing a period of significant change, and brands are increasingly turning to in-housing to drive creative output, enhance operational efficiencies and produce cost savings.

However, research from ISBA’s ‘State of In-Housing Report 2023’ has shown that the current approach to in-housing is failing to meet brands’ expectations.

In fact, when asked “What benefits did you expect when setting up an in-housing operation?”, respondents almost unanimously reported that their expectations for in-housing outweighed the actual realities of what was achieved.

As a consequence, the current approach to in-housing is causing issues for brands across sectors, including a reduction in talent attraction and engagement, lower retention rates, decreased speed to market and poorer campaign results.

To address this challenge, cain&abelDDB has developed its new On-Site proposition, a unique and dynamic approach to in-housing that puts creativity at the heart of delivery.

Because the most impactful campaigns embody an emotionally charged creative idea.

Born with creativity in their DNA, everything cain&abelDDB does is in the pursuit of delivering creative excellence to achieve exceptional results.

The agency’s in-house teams will immerse themselves in clients’ businesses, becoming true stewards of brand guardianship to deliver exceptional campaigns.

The on-site proposition is backed by the cain&abelDDB’s renowned expertise and agency know-how, which empower skilled and solutions-oriented in-house teams capable of delivering high-quality, creative outputs that increase speed to market.

Claire Bowers, Managing Director at cain&abelDDB, said: ” We’re thrilled to shine a light on our transformational On-Site service. This solution adopts the same best practices our clients have come to respect and expect from our award-winning agency offering.

“Our On-Site model represents a new approach to in-housing that puts creativity at the heart of everything we do.

“By immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses and enhancing operational efficiencies, we can deliver exceptional campaigns that achieve lasting success.

“Because at cain&abelDDB, we’ve created an in-housing solution that offers more than just time-savings and value for money.”