C-Screens, Lounges.tv partner to show music content across TVOOH network


C-Screens, the UK TV Out-of-Home (TVOOH) network, today announced a partnership with Lounges.tv, a creator-first streaming platform backed by media mogul, Simon Cowell.

C-Screens and Lounges.tv

The deal will grant C-Screens access to Lounges.tv’s original music content from emerging artists, adding another dimension to the out-of-home network’s increasingly dynamic and unique content playing across its retail network of high impact TV screens throughout the UK.

With the content creation world growing exponentially and creators finding it increasingly difficult to break through and receive fair compensation for their work, Lounges.tv ensures talent is truly recognised, not least by paying creators 80% of their earnings within 24 hours.

This model differs from that of most conventional streaming platforms. C-Screens will enable the exclusive content that artists share on Lounges.tv to be viewed by an even wider audience, driving brand awareness and customer interactions.

Going beyond traditional TVOOH broadcasting, C-Screens creates lasting impressions and emotional connections through a more immersive and entertaining experience, resulting in deeper brand connections.

CEO of C-Screens, Rob Hicks, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Lounges.tv and to be part of a crucial new age of content creation.

“Our collaboration with Lounges.tv aligns with our goal to create a music-based channel that will entertain consumers in high dwell time environments across our TVOOH network.

“These include retail environments as well as hospitality venues and our large summer screens. The partnership means we will be able to feature some of the best emerging talent, in a safe, accountable environment for our advertisers.”

Scott Green, CEO, Lounges.tv commented: “Our partnership with C-Screens will allow us to extend the reach of the musicians we support on Lounges.tv beyond the living room to on-the-go and fragmented audiences.

“We are delighted to have C-Screens with us on the journey to a new age of content creation, and ultimately to the future of the music industry.”