Byron revamps restaurant interiors and menus


Having already relaunched with a new brand identity earlier this year, restaurant group Byron has launched a brand-new dining experience with a re-imagined design, brand new menu and breakfast & brunch offering.

The restaurant chain, which has seen its fair share of troubles in recent times, hired Leicester-based brand and design consultancy, Checkland Kindleysides to create a new interior for its eateries.

The mission was to bring people together over proper food and good times with a new dining interior design which reflects the brand’s refreshed identity.

We all know that the interior design of an establishment has a big part to play when it comes to how many customers they attract through their doors. Whilst lighting, and a burger and pizza neon sign can help to create the initial vibe, so to can the furniture and flooring.

That is why you should take the time to focus on this area of your business when you make the decision to refresh the identity of your brand.

New dining experience

This November, Byron raises the curtain on a whole new dining experience, 12 years after it took the UK burger scene by storm.

Table times: Byron’s original outlet on High Street Kensington

Following the launch of its new brand identity, also designed by Checkland Kindleysides, Byron’s restaurant itself is transformed into a new and improved space for diners to eat, drink and socialise.

Table mantras

The interior has been totally re-designed with Byron’s All Hail The Table mantra in mind. While neon signs (to know more, check in the shape of various food items could attract potential customers, it alone cannot do the work. Furniture as well as lighting plays a huge role in this regard.

It will feature large communal tables and social spaces for brunchers, as well as ambient sofas for laptop workers and working lunches.

In addition, a variety of kitchen supplies and equipment, such as freezers, countertops, commercial sinks, and ovens, have been upgraded to the latest models. The exposed fixtures encourage a modern, transparent eating space with abstract artworks added, all of which combine to create a friendly casual eating space for everyone, including larger groups, couples and solo diners. The installation of large windows (for more info, check Milwaukee Window Installation Services) allow for ambient natural light to enter the space while people are dining, which could be beneficial for individuals who come in to work.

Breakfast and brunch

As part of the transformation, Byron is unveiling a range of tasty and exciting new offerings from its kitchen.

Sophie Michell, Byron’s Food & Drink Director, will debut her new breakfast and brunch menu on 21 November at the original High Street Kensington Byron restaurant in London.

Menu remastered: Byron will now feature breakfast and brunch options

Sophie’s brunch menu takes inspiration from the West Coast of America, as well as classic breakfast dishes which have been given a Byron twist.

The new menu is now available and after being unveiled at High Street Kensington, the interior transformation programme will roll out across the rest of Byron’s 53 restaurants throughout 2020.

“We’re thrilled to see Byron bringing a real-world reflection of the brand identity and logo to life

across every facet of the dining experience”, said Steven Ubsdell, Creative Director, Checkland Kindleysides.

“The experience of eating at Byron has become the expression of the brand’s identity and mantra ‘All Hail The Table.”