Burger King’s Whopper satisfies flame fetish in new BBH campaign

whopper bbh for burger king

A floating burger ignores broken hearts, back garden gatherings and stranded mountain hikers in its bid to satisfy its flame fetish, in a new series of Burger King ads, dubbed ‘Whopper to a Flame’, created by BBH.

Whopper flame fetish

Flame-grilling is what makes Burger King’s Whopper taste so good – and doesn’t the popular patty know it.

Which is why it will stop at nothing to get to a flame, wherever and whenever, as a broken-hearted lover discovers as he tearfully burns the matching sweaters he and his ex once happily posed in together.

Another spot shows the infamous burger gate crashing a group of friends’ evening around a fire pit, and later this year, the famous burger will return in the third film from the series, to surprise two lost hikers, huddling for warmth by the fireplace in an abandoned mountain cabin.

Whopper To A Flame is the latest in BBH’s series of campaigns which focus on the burger’s superior flame-grilled taste credentials. 

The campaign features the irreverent humour that BBH’s work for Burger King is known for, building on the surreal idea that every single flame grilled Whopper is attracted to fire. 

No matter the situation, whatever the time, the Whopper stops at nothing in its quest for flames.

Soco Nunez, Brand and Comms Director, Burger King UK, said: “This latest creative celebrates one of the Whopper’s most distinctive attributes – flame-grilling, in a unique way. 

“Without the flame, there is no Whopper and we love how the team at BBH have brought this to life in a bold and unexpected way.”

Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH, added: “These spots are deliciously weird and wonderful. I don’t think many people expect a floating burger to knock at their door but, then again, the Whopper is not just any burger.”

The three films will roll out over the summer on television and VOD, supported by OOH and with further Whopper-celebrating activity planned for later in the year.