Budget and Resource biggest challenge facing marketers – DMA

budget and resource

According to the latest insights from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), most marketers cite budget and resource (61%) as the biggest challenge that concerns them.

Other key challenges mentioned were data (42%) and leadership and strategy (40%).

Moreover, areas still worrying around one in four organisations – meaning they cannot be overlooked – include content, internal processes and technology.

These latest findings come from additional analysis of the ‘Marketer Email Tracker 2020’, part of the DMA’s annual series of studies into the channel, in partnership with Pure360.

It also highlighted the interconnection between the different challenges that organisations experience, revealing multiple correlations.

dma budgets

Budget and resource

A lack of budget and resource seems to also inhibit organisations that are already struggling with other challenges.

More than half of those who struggle with content, internal processes and leadership and strategy challenges, also face budget/resource issues.

“Over the last decade, we have seen the importance and return on investment of email rise”, said Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA.

Preferred marketing channel

“It has become the preferred marketing channel for both consumers and marketers alike.

“However, to continue delivering rewarding experiences to customers, businesses must ensure they have the right data, skills and strategy in place”.

“While success may come at a cost, in terms of budget and resource, the alternative is neglecting a key channel that multi-channel marketing campaigns should be built around.”

The first infographic highlights the range of challenges that are impacting email programmes and their influence on one another.


In terms of organisation size, it appears that a lack of budget/resource affects micro businesses most (88% state this); followed by small businesses (61%); medium businesses (54%); and large businesses (56%).

Evidently, the email campaigns of organisations, both large and small, are being impacted by budget limitations.

To read more about the DMA’s new findings, visit the DMA website.