BT launches flexible TV packages


BT has introduced flexible TV packages designed to offer the UK access to a wider choice of TV content.

Flexible TV packages

The new 24-month flexible TV packages will be launched on 21 February. Included is a pick of additional content to help customers choose the right TV line-up that best suits their needs.

With package prices starting at just £10 a month, customers have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade. They can also add content to enable their TV to adapt to changing lifestyles month-to-month.

NOW TV has been fully integrated with BT TV, meaning that customers can now watch, pause, rewind and record premium Sky Entertainment and Sky Sports content on the BT TV platform.

“Life doesn’t stand still from month to month. So we don’t believe our customers’ TV should either”, Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer division said.

Fully loaded

“Our new range of TV packs bring together the best premium services, fully loaded with a wide range of award-winning shows; the best live sports in stunning 4K and the latest must-see films.

“So now with a click of a button you can take out the Big Sport package to catch the top Premier League fixtures one month and swap it for VIP for a rainy school holiday with the family the next.”

NOW TV MD Marina Storti said: “There has never been a more interesting and dynamic time for the entertainment industry. We’re so thrilled to be able to launch NOW TV on BT at such an exciting time.

“With NOW TV’s range of passes, BT TV customers will be able to enjoy our latest award-winning shows, blockbuster movies and top quality sports content with complete flexibility, so that customers can pay for exactly what they want.”

BT is launching the new packages to appeal to a variety of tastes. This is so customers can choose the content they want; with the option to move between each package monthly as their needs change.