Brothers & Sisters becomes first ever not-for-profit ad agency

brothers & sisters

Brothers & Sisters has announced that it will invest all of its future profits into the work of charities and non-profit organisations; becoming the first ad agency to transform into a social enterprise.

The agency is changing its articles of association – the rules company officers must follow – to stipulate that all profits should be invested in social causes. 

In addition, its corporate charter will state that the shares of the company cannot be sold unless there is a legal guarantee that its not-for-profit status is maintained.

Brothers & Sisters – a new future

This move officially makes Brothers & Sisters a social enterprise; a company which trades commercially but gives all profits to charitable causes.

The agency has already invested over £500,000, in terms of working hours, supporting Grenfell Athletic FC, the football club set up by members of the Grenfell community following the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017. 

This investment will continue. 

In addition, it has arranged the free production of ads worth a similar value, with partner agencies from its network having invested an additional £300,000 in terms of time spent. 

This is alongside invaluable partnerships with Nike and Cadbury, free PR and celebrity endorsements.

Indeed, as part of its work with Grenfell Athletic FC, Brothers & Sisters efforts have included the creation of fundraising campaigns and the design of a Nike kit for the players.

The agency enlisted major footballers and celebrities to wear and promote the kits and the club, including Harry Kane, Noel Gallagher, Gorillaz and Sam Smith – with sales of the Nike kit and Grenfell Athletic Cadbury Dairy Milk bar raising over £65,000 for the club.

Brothers & Sisters is now looking for other long-term charitable partners alongside Grenfell Athletic FC that want help to advance their causes. The agency invites nonprofits to get in touch via

It is also giving its team the chance to help decide which other charities or social enterprises it will support in the future, with every single member of the agency using their skills to further these causes.

Social enterprise film

In addition, Brothers & Sisters has created a film to celebrate its new status as a social enterprise. 

The film ‘Prophet’ focuses on that idea that the word ‘profit’ can mean many different things depending on how we look at it. 

It focuses on a woman contemplating this notion while walking in nature. The film was created using one continuous shot, with the aim of absorbing the viewer and creating a moment of reflection in a busy and confused world.

The film was directed by Rafael Damy and created in partnership with UK production company, Birth, which donated its time for free to the project.

Rupert Taylor, founder of Grenfell Athletic FC, said: “Our close relationship with Brothers & Sisters has been pivotal in our journey to turning Grenfell Athletic into everyone’s second favourite football team. 

“It’s much more than an agency relationship. They are part of the family and have given us their creativity, their time and also opened up their network for us. 

“We can’t wait to see what the next chapter will bring together.”

Andy Fowler, founder and chief creative officer of Brothers & Sisters, said: “We’ve been hugely affected by the journey we’ve been on with Grenfell Athletic and the sense of reward for everyone here is inspiring us to do more. 

“Being independent and relatively small means, we are well placed to experiment more radically with the business, and our clients are really supportive of this move.

“The world faces many challenges, and we believe creativity and kindness are always the answer. So, in our own little corner of adland, we are hacking the model of capitalism to become a force for good. 

“The more successful we are as an agency, the more successful our clients are, the more good we can filter back into these soul projects. Maybe others will be inspired to follow our example. That would really be something.”

Brothers & Sisters’ clients include We Buy Any Car, Center Parcs and Yakult Europe.  

The move comes on the back of a strong new business year for Brothers & Sisters, with the agency winning a variety of new brands, including Center Parcs, Joules, Strike, Popsa and Vitl.