British Gas launches cheeky Christmas campaign

british gas christmas 2020

British Gas has launched a playful Christmas campaign to highlight how they keep customers’ homes running smoothly throughout the season, and even on Christmas Day.

Christmas can be the worst time for something to go wrong in the home and British Gas work tirelessly to ensure that those without hot water, or those most vulnerable, are seen the same day.

British Gas campaign

“We want this campaign to reassure our customers that after a hugely difficult year, we’ll be there for them as they celebrate Christmas’” said Jill Dougan, Sales and Marketing Director at British Gas.

“We hope we don’t see you on the big day, but save us a mince pie if we do!”

Running across DOOH and social, the campaign reflects on the scary thought of losing your heating and hot water due to a broken boiler, by replacing chilly body parts with festive foods.

British Gas launched ‘Here to solve’, which brought to life the emotional importance of a smooth-running home, at the start of 2020.

The platform then developed during the first Covid lockdown, where the campaign shifted to focus on the efforts British Gas staff were going to, to solve for customers in challenging circumstances.

Need for humour

The Christmas campaign rounds off the year with a smile, bringing some much-needed humour and cheekiness.

“We could all do with a little light relief and if there was ever a time for vegetable based innuendos – that time is now”, said Sam Willard, Creative Director at The&Partnership.

“Should your boiler conk out, British Gas are there, even on the big day – so if your sprouts start shivering, we want to make sure everyone knows who to call.

The DOOH will be played out programmatically via GroupM’s iDOOH planning and activation tool, using ROUTE and geolocation mobile data to determine the most optimum screens and hours for targeting.

Large and smaller formats will target our core audience hour-by-hour with the playful creative execution.