‘Bring on Life’ – BOL Foods launches new brand identity


Plant-based food brand BOL Foods, has launched a new brand identity, with the tagline ‘Bring on Life’, in a bid to connect with the lives of busy, health-conscious consumers

BOL Foods

The company launched in 2015 and has since established itself as the go-to food brand for busy foodies.

And, while the plant-based B Corp has always retained its position as a category leader, there is more competition in the world of plant-based than ever before.

This, along with the growing consumer appetite for plant-based brands, has spurred them to consider how they can stay culturally connected with shoppers in an ever-saturated category.

Bring on Life is designed to disrupt the status quo, the firm said, shifting its focus away from ingredients and recipes and instead, speaking directly to consumers about the benefits of positive nutrition and eating to feel unstoppable”.

A new era of creative will support the strategic changes. Known previously for their iconic veg art and distinctive layers of ingredients, the brand is excited to step change its creative with a disruptive and aspirational lifestyle look and feel.

The company said that plants will be swapped out for people: capturing the best of life with empowering yet relatable content, to drive brand desirability.

An acronym for BŌL, Bring on Life will become inextricably linked with the brand and allow it to connect with consumers as part of everyday positive lifestyle choices.

The new campaign has been conceived and executed by BOL Foods in-house team of marketers, creators and designers; from the copy to the models taking centre stage in all campaign imagery.

Bringing it: BOL rebrands with a fresh take on plant-based food and people.

The new creative will emerge as part of their Bring On Life launch campaign, supported by a £1m spend this year across media and marketing – spanning out of home, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook/Instagram, PR, influencers, mass sampling and a series of UK events that will get more people their first taste of BOL.

It will also coincide with a refresh of their Power Shake range and the launch of new products, tapping into emerging foodie trends and bringing a taste of eating out to kitchen tables across the UK.

Paul Brown, founder of BOL Foods commented: ”Plant Powered has always been the reason to believe for thousands of shoppers, and is fundamentally what has helped us become the fastest growing meat-free brand in the UK.

“However, eight years on, we’re now ready to enter a new chapter. The category has evolved hugely since we started the BŌL journey and we need to stay one step ahead in terms of connecting with consumer trends and ensuring we continue to energise the category as leaders of the plant-based space.”

“While shoppers are more health-conscious than ever, they’re also increasingly time poor. BOL wants to become the easy route to a positive choice, for a target audience who don’t always have the time for scratch cooking.

“The brand hopes its new direction can fuel even more people with active lifestyles whilst alleviating the perceived workload of healthy eating.

Brown concluded: “By focusing on the positive benefits of plant-based nutrition, as opposed to simply honing in on the recipes, we’re connecting with the feeling our meals can create and that’s a really powerful thing.

“Bring On Life is all about empowering people to feel able to bring their best to any situation. In the craziness of modern life, it’s easy to compromise on nutrition.

“So, we’ve created a family of delicious, plant-powered recipes to give you a natural edge every day.””

The new creative will be rolled out nationwide from 5 June 2023.