Breast Cancer Now ad a Women’s World Cup winner


UK charity Breast Cancer Now, took its latest campaign to the field with a supportive new ad showing its recognition of the Lionesses in the Women’s World Cup.

Women’s World Cup

England’s hopes were dashed in the football final in Sydney as the heroic Lionesses lost 1-0 to Spain, in an edge of seat match.

The cancer research and support charity launched a new tactical ad, created by creative agency BMB, to coincide with the Women’s World Cup final with a striking brand print campaign.

Print and digital executions ran on social channels, in the Sunday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday and at major stations in London, to mark the Lionesses’ showdown with Spain yesterday.

Featuring the centre spot on a football pitch, seen directly from above, the eye-catching creative states: “If everyone regularly checks for a change in the colour, texture or feel of their breasts, and gets to know their normal, we could help beat breast cancer too.”

Spain beat England in a thrilling final on Sunday, but the message from the BCN campaign nonetheless remains relevant and important to women, wherever they are from.

The 32nd Women’s World Cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand, making it the first time the games have been held in the Southern Hemisphere.

England’s Lionesses have been awarded almost hero status for bringing the game to a much larger and appreciative new audience.