Brazilian star Director Rafael Damy joins BIRTH London

rafael damy birth london

BIRTH London has shrewdly signed multi-award winning director Rafael Damy. 

Never before represented outside his native Brazil, Damy is a rare talent who has collected a remarkable three Grand Prix awards and the inaugural New York Festivals SeeHer Lens Awards – all in 2021.

Rafael Damy

He has just won the Grand Prix for Content up to 5 minutes at the El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2021 Awards. 

Earlier in the year he picked up the Ciclope Latino 2021 Grand Prix for Let Her Run and the London International Awards 2021 Grand Prix for Music & Sound for 2breakthesilence.

Tackling social and cultural issues such as diversity in sport, domestic violence and transgender parenthood, Rafa films the drama of real life with sensitivity and respect.

In 2breakthesilence, RedeTV! broadcasts were interrupted every two minutes by images of domestic abuse, highlighting that a woman is assaulted every two minutes in Brazil. 

While in Let Her Run, the double standard and demeaning effects of “nude parades” (gender testing on women in the Olympics and other athletic competitions) are revealed.

Upon winning the inaugural New York Festivals International Advertising Awards SeeHer Lens Award, Bob Liodice, CEO Association of National Advertisers (ANA) commented that Let Her Run shares the message for equality through the film’s “superb storytelling in advertising”.

BIRTH London EP Kate Elson said: “I was first drawn to Rafa’s extraordinary work while judging last year and was overwhelmed with the way he handled issues of cultural diversity with real empathy and bravery. 

“What sets him apart is his confidence to tell stories simply, keeping the narrative pure so powerful messages have profound impact.”

Damy studied filmmaking and direction at the Stanislavsky Institute, Sao Paulo, so unsurprisingly he masterfully draws heartfelt performances from his actors which resonate deeply. 

He often films with long-time collaborator, Uruguayan Guillermo Muse, DOP on award-winning music videos, fashion films and commercials.

The multi-award winning director said: “I’ve always been in love with people and the fragments of their lives. I’m doing what I like most: telling stories with the respect and compassion they deserve. 

“I’ve found the ideal partner with Birth London and its collaborative, mindful approach to filmmaking.”