Brands should learn the art of conversation – M&C Saatchi Talk

MCS TALK Art of Conversation Report copy

Brands should learn the art of conversation with their customers because 40% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that speaks about issues that matter to them.  

That’s according a new report called The Art of Conversation, by  M&C Saatchi Talk, which analysed public perceptions of, and the shifts in audience attitudes towards, brands and their place in conversations.

Customers and the art of conversation

Post-pandemic, conversations have never been more important as audiences seek to both reconnect with the world and re-evaluate priorities. 

Ultimately, it’s essential for brands to understand what audiences are thinking, feeling, believing, and what really matters to them to truly connect with them and make meaningful impact.

M&C Saatchi Talk surveyed 1,000 nationally representative consumers to unveil attitudes towards brands, and the characteristics of conversation that make a brand more shareable, memorable and trustworthy. 

These findings, combined with expert opinion from senior marketeers and audience thought leaders, allowed the business to identify the subjects driving audience conversations, how these develop, and the key places they’re taking place.

The report shares a deeper understanding of how brands can successfully navigate and earn a place in those that matter most and do so earnestly and authentically. 

Which is incredibly valuable as the requirement to navigate conversations and understand those that matter most to achieve their business ambitions – at speed – has never been greater.

Creating brand conversations that matter

Since March 2020, over half (52%) of all respondents say their attitudes towards brands have changed. 

At a pivotal time when brands are coming under increased scrutiny, audiences actively want them to speak on meaningful issues, and will share relevant conversations with those closest to them – family, friends, and colleagues.

Further still, when assuming price and quality are equal, as many as 40 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from the brands that speak on issues that matter to them. 

The research reveals the three most consistently important topics across nine sectors – climate change, sustainability, and health & wellness. 

Failure to embrace these conversations means brands risk customers going elsewhere. 

Lawrence Christensen, Head of Marketing, Brands at Marks & Spencer, told M&C Saatchi Talk: “If the conversation between a brand and a customer is authentic, and if that brand has something relevant and genuine to contribute, then I believe consumers are more likely to engage, purchase and to stay loyal.”

M&C Saatchi Talk COO, Ryan Woor, said: “We have always been firm believers that conversations have the power to create change. 

“These findings are just the beginning and we’re committed to continuing to develop our understanding of, and specialism in, the evolving shape of conversations and how we can get better at navigating, creating and leading those that create meaningful change, together with our clients”.