Brands cheer Lionesses England Women’s Euros win

Piccadilly Lights Women's England Euros Ocean Outdoor

All of Britain is celebrating the brilliant England women’s team that stormed to victory against Germany yesterday and the world’s brands are quickly showing their support, too.

Ocean Outdoor the digital billboards specialist hosted a series of tactical out-of-home campaigns on some of the nation’s biggest boards today.

England Women’s support

Iconic soft drink brand Pepsi proudly announced ‘It’s coming home’ on the big board in Bournemouth.

Pepsi england Women's Euros Ocean Bournemouth
Chilled Champions: Pepsi congratulated the Lionesses with Bournemouth activation.

Meanwhile. Starling Bank declared the England Women’s football team ‘Record breakers. History makers. Champions.’ on Ocean billboards as far apart as Southampton and Norwich.

London-listed Ocean, which manages some of the nation’s most iconic billboards, including the world famous Piccadilly Lights, owned by LandSec, dedicated the entire Central London screen to the British champions.

The massive Piccadilly screen featured a huge England flag with the words ‘Congratulations Lionesses’ across it.  

Ocean said the Piccadilly Lights installation switched to a 30 minute full domination message at 12.30pm today.

Many are now calling the first ever England UEFA victory a game-changer for the sport.

With so much money directed towards the men’s side of the sport, the historic win from the women’s team could force a reset.

Some have already called for portions of the funds to be redirected to supporting the women’s game.

The players have stories of commitment, tenacity and endurance in the face of adversity on their path to glory.

Some brands will doubtless now be queuing up to support the Lionesses in the aftermath of their historic win.