Brand Metrics strikes CTV deal with Paramount ANZ


Global technology company Brand Metrics, which works with publishers and broadcasters to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital advertising, has struck a pioneering partnership with Paramount ANZ, bringing brand lift measurement technology at scale, to meet the needs of an evolving media landscape.

Paramount ANZ

Paramount ANZ has chosen to adopt Brand Metrics’ innovative measurement technology to ensure that marketers using Paramount ANZ’s channels can now validate and amplify the impact of their connected TV (CTV) advertising within the wider marketing mix.

The groundbreaking new brand impact study, developed also in partnership with independent advertising platform Innovid, will provide powerful insights into brand and business KPIs that have been delivered via CTV campaigns that are running on Paramount ANZ’s channels.

Viewers are exposed to a campaign and then invited to share real-time survey responses and feedback via their remote control.

Rod Prosser, Chief Sales Officer, Paramount ANZ, said: “Proof of performance is a key pillar in our strategic approach for 2024.

“The industry is shifting towards an outcome-based approach, so there’s an expectation that effective marketing is built on understanding what’s driving results.

“We’re closing the loop for marketers by providing more meaningful metrics that demonstrate the role and power of CTV advertising within their marketing mix and empowering them to respond to trends and insights to achieve business outcomes.”

Elwin Gastelaars, CRO, Brand Metrics, said: “Paramount ANZ is committed to delivering measurement at scale, with consistency and methodological accuracy – arming its team with data-led evidence to inform planning.

“Using such tools to measure effectiveness sets Paramount ANZ apart, providing a unique opportunity for advertisers to drive efficiencies and deliver on brand outcomes

“Brand lift data can help to open up additional opportunities which speak to the many wants and needs of audiences.

“We are delighted to work with such a prestigious partner; empowering it to gather independent data which enables its team to measure uplifts in awareness, consideration, preference and action intent.”

Brand Metrics works with many of the world’s leading publishers, and now broadcasters, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Financial Times and News Corp, helping them to measure brand lift across their digital campaigns.

It is enabling a growing number of organisations to gather independent data on their digital ad campaigns as they measure uplift in awareness, consideration, preference and action intent, in a simple, cost-effective and comparable way.