Boxing champion stars in first 3D OOH anamorphic ad for British Army


The latest phase of Capita’s “You Belong Here” recruitment campaign for the British Army launched on Boxing Day with a striking anamorphic 3D OOH advertisement, featuring an animated version of England heavyweight boxing champion and Grenadier Guard LSgt Natty Ngwenya.

Capita’s newest creative went live at seven locations around the country, including Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and Westfield Stratford City Four Dials,

“You Belong Here” talks directly to young people by showing that there is a place for them within the British Army and to challenge their misconceptions that they would not fit in.

Research uncovered young Brits share similar values with the Army of respect, working hard, fun and being helpful.

Boxing champion in anamorphic spot

The campaign creative puts potential recruits in the heart of dramatic scenarios where a first-person perspective is used, and the viewer invited to make decisions about what to do next.

Planned and bought by Posterscope, for Capita, the animation was produced by Ocean Labs and Ocean Studio with creative direction from Accenture Song.

This execution builds on the original campaign’s creative direction, depicting a dramatic scenario that British Army personnel find themselves in from a first-person perspective.

Created by Ocean Outdoor’s real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences, the advertisement depicts a group of soldiers delivering aid and support in intense hurricane conditions, demonstrating a scene which aligns with the ‘being helpful’ value that young people hold.

As the story unfolds, LSgt Natty Ngwenya, Infantry and Section Commander of the Grenadier Guards, is seen running to the foreground then leaning out from the screen and beckoning passersby to get involved and help.

The creative also takes advantage of Ocean’s DeepScreen Alive technology, which in this case allows the ad to live update and match the time of day in the animation as it changes in real life.

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Bingham said: “This year’s recruitment campaign was designed to speak directly to young people and strived to put them into typical Army situations.

“In a first for the British Army, we are using this incredible 3D OOH DeepScreen technology to create an experience that will immerse people into one of the many scenarios that our soldiers can find themselves and encourage them to consider the British Army as a career.”

LSgt Natty Ngwenya, Infantry and Section Commander of the Grenadier Guards, and star of the new advertisement, added: “Joining the British Army was one of the best decisions of my life and its important to me to be able to share the many unique opportunities that being a soldier can offer.

“I’ve had incredible experiences during my career but being part of this campaign and being captured in such an authentic setting in this animation is certainly another highlight.”