Bountiful Cow shows off new brand look with iconic logo


UK media agency Bountiful Cow has released details of its fresh new look with a rebrand that includes a cleverly designed new logo that wouldn’t look out of place alongside Twitter’s iconic bird or Instagram’s camera image.

The London-based agency launched its new visual brand look across its website and social media channels last week.

New logo 

Gone is the previous cow’s head logo, which has been replaced by a new white and red logo that sees the company’s initials cleverly intertwined with the ‘B’ hosting the ‘C’ across its midriff, with the company’s full name flipped vertically on the left spine of the ‘B’. 

Commenting on the new look, Bountiful CEO Adam Foley, said: “We want to own our status as a challenger business for challenger businesses. The brands we work with have to think differently to outshout bigger spenders in their categories. We stand out or we fail.

New look: Bountiful Cow has upgraded its logo.

“At Bountiful Cow – as you can imagine – we’ve hardly been short of bovine puns, but we wanted to find a way to make a meaningful statement about how we approach our work and to embed that within our brand.

“We used to call ourselves The Herd, but it’s got unfortunate semantics of following the mainstream, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve here.

“‘Don’t Follow The Herd’ is how we talk about the work we do now and that runs all the way through everything from our new business pitches to our competitive reports.

‘No Bulls—t’ is another important part of how we work. We tell our clients the truth about their business and we speak simply and plainly. It’s also about how we run our business. 

“We’re completely transparent, neutral and there’s no skeletons in our cupboards.

‘No sacred cows’ is the third value. Nothing is off the table, and nothing is beyond re-evaluation. Where everyone else agrees, that’s where we should be asking the most questions.

The rebrand follows news last week, reported by Mediashotz, that the company had had a leadership overhaul.

Foley added that the new brand look brings together the above philosophy and that the agency is clear about the sort of business it is, how it works and what it’s customers can expect from it.

Bountiful Cow counts Numan, Camden Town Brewery, Wattbike, and Signet among its growing client base.