Bountiful Cow launches BC2 brand consultancy


Bountiful Cow, a leading independent media agency, has introduced a new brand consultancy, named BC2, offering specialised services to address the full spectrum of growth challenges facing brands today.

Introducing BC2

BC2 is focused squarely on ‘unlocking future growth’ for clients. BC2 counts as its specialisms the development of new brands, refreshing propositions for existing brands, and using data, insight and analytics to identify new growth opportunities for mature brands.

BC2 provides strategic products and services on a modular basis, tailored to individual client needs along their growth journey. This allows BC2 clients to access senior strategic resource for specific growth challenges without entering into a retained service agreement.

The new BC2 team will be led by Bountiful Cow’s Chief Strategy Officer Chetan Murthy and includes Planning Partner Oliver Clarke, Planning Director Liz Turgut, and Head of Insight and Effectiveness Sam Barton.

BC2 is working with clients including Practice Plus Group, one of England’s largest independent healthcare providers, and Joe Wick’s fitness app ‘The Body Coach’.

Work to date has encompassed creative ideation and brand positioning, consumer segmentation, creative development, brand tracking, profit forecasting and investment analysis, with media planning and buying handled by Bountiful Cow.

Chief Strategy Officer, Chetan Murthy said, “We work with a broad range of brands across many different sectors, each at their own unique stage of growth.

This new modular, productised approach to finding the right strategic solutions for the right growth challenges, means clients gain access to the services they need without paying for the things they don’t.”

Alyson Lockley, Chief Marketing Officer at Practice Plus Group said, “The BC2 team has overseen the launch of an entirely new brand in Wellsoon from Practice Plus Group and delivered a full-service roster of strategic, creative, media and insight support.

“BC2 have seamlessly managed every stage of our brand journey and we see this work as being key to unlocking additional growth this year.”

Adam Foley, Chief Executive Officer at Bountiful Cow, added, “We see BC2 as the future of the agency model.

“By creating a more flexible model with clearly defined products, we aim to break down barriers to entry, and help a broader range of clients to achieve their specific growth goals.”