Bond villain fronts new Grey Europe campaign for Carlsberg 0.0 

Carlsberg is starting 2021 with a toast to alcohol-free beer in a sassy new campaign fronted by Danish actor and former Bond villain, Mads Mikkelsen. 

Carlsberg 0.0’s first global ad comes at the start of a year which is predicted to see more people drink alcohol-free beer than ever before, the brewer said.

The ad was created by Grey Europe and we can’t think of anyone better than Casino Royale’s ‘Le Chiffre’ as the frontman for a double-0 anything. 

Carlsberg 0.0

Alcohol-free beer has seen huge growth in recent years and became more popular than ever during a turbulent 2020. 

Driven by an increased focus on health and wellness and awareness of the great taste and options available, the the firm’s alcohol-free brews portfolio grew 29% between July and September of 2020.

The new ad sees Mikkelsen’s cycling philosopher character peddle through Copenhagen in traditional style, celebrating the great taste and versatility of Carlsberg’s alcohol-free beer.

Demonstrating how good moments can be made even better with alcohol-free beer, he enjoys a Carlsberg 0.0 in different situations, including finishing a game of tennis with a clean one-handed backhand, perplexingly observing a modern art display and even skipping his own ad.

A first for Carlsberg

This is the first time that Carlsberg has produced a global ad for its alcohol-free variant.

“At Carlsberg we believe that there is more to beer than its alcohol content and that great moments can be made better with beer”, Julian Marsili, Global Brand Director for Carlsberg, said. 

“That’s why we created a great tasting alcohol-free beer to make more moments even better. That’s what we wanted to celebrate in the ad.”

Leading roles

Mads Mikkelsen is famous for lead roles in films including Casino Royale and NBC series Hannibal among many more. He also recently won Best Actor at the European Film awards.

The new Carlsberg ad will initially launch in Ireland and Denmark – with other markets set to follow later in 2021.