Bloomfest 2022: Jaz Ampaw-Farr on how to live a Fearless life


In the first of a part Bloomfest2022 The F Word series exclusively for MediaShotz, we chatted to Bloomfest 2022 KeyNote speaker and former The Apprentice star Jaz Ampaw-Farr on which F word stands out for her and why.

Jaz, Bloomfest is back, and it’s all about the F word – Feminism, Family, being F*cking angry, Fortitude, Fearlessness, Fundamental rights and the Future. 

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Of all those F’s, which F resonates most with you?

Fearlessness. Of course family and friends, always, but the secret to my success is refusing to let fear drive my bus while I sit at the back as a miserable passenger!

Most things you want are on the other side of a ten minute courageous conversation – sometimes that conversation is with yourself. 

The key to being courageous is to be intentional about swapping fear for curiosity. That enables you to FEAR LESS. 

Here’s your invitation to the Human Revolution. Rather than a huge jump from where you are now to being a warrior on the front line, try being just 10% braver than you were yesterday. 

Start small. Try talking about your achievements for 15 seconds out loud without using the word ‘just’. No more I’m just a <insert job title here> statements! Own your truth and stand firm on who you are.

What would your top tip to being fearless be? 

Stop comparing your front stage to everyone’s else’s backstage. This ‘comparisonitis’ habit is a joy stealer and leaves you with a ‘I’m not good enough’ theme tune running through your head on repeat! 

It’s often subconscious so try measuring how many times you apologise in one day. 

There’s no need to say sorry for simply taking up space! 

How did you get to be 10% braver?

Ahh, I have a four-step programme for this. It’s my Shero’s (she rose) Journey because rise is exactly what it enabled me to do.

Your Shero’s, Hero’s or Theyro’s journey might be different but it includes the same crucial steps:

  1. Become a Fear Fighter. This is a conscious decision not to let my past be a script for my future. I was abused by my own parents and grew up in foster care and on the streets. Fear was my constant guide, even into adulthood, until I decided to upgrade my mindset.
  2. Become a Mistake Artist. It’s okay to get it wrong. In fact, it’s essential. Rather than obsessing over ‘What If’ focus on your reframing strategy so you know what to do when you don’t know what to do.
  3. Become a Resilience Ninja. Resilience is all about shortening the time between you being on the floor after adversity and picking yourself back up again. It involves rewriting some of the limiting and negative scripts that have caused you to give up before.
  4. Become a Positive Disruptor. This was on my school reports all the time – without the positive bit! I AM disruptive. It’s my superpower, but I channel that into being positively disruptive for myself and others. I change people’s minds about themselves and what’s possible. I help leaders and teams unlock potential in organisations and governments. Most of all, and with the help of others, instead of becoming a statistic, I went on to survive thrive and drive positive change.

Once you’ve done that, the real magic starts. You’re able to then take someone else through the same journey and this time you’re not the Shero. You’re the guide. 

That’s how you leave the world better than when you found it. And that’s why tiny acts of bravery are so important. Because to get to each stage, you just need to be 10% braver than you were yesterday.

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