Bitpanda launches crypto campaign by FamousGrey Paris


FamousGrey Paris has devised an innovative campaign for the launch of cryptocurrency trading app, Bitpanda, in France.

The campaign encourages those in lockdown to make micro-investments each time they are deprived of normal daily pleasures; whether these be morning coffee, gym membership, or a trip to the cinema.


The campaign launched 5 May in France, on Instagram, with an accompanying film.

A series of targeted and contextualised Instagram stories brings the potential of micro-investments to life; showing users that they can prepare for the future in this way, and encouraging website visits and app downloads.

Social media posts are boosting engagement, alongside banners on financial and crypto websites.

Financial control

Bitpanda said it wants to allow people to regain control over their future. The campaign suggests while you can’t enjoy it now, you can still invest for the future.

Whether it’s drinking with friends, buying lunch, or enjoying a coffee, all amounts are worth investing with Bitpanda, we are told.

While Instagram Stories illustrate specific occasions ripe for investment, banner ads also offer tempting suggestions and lateral thinking such as: ‘Your couch could be a goldmine’.

Or ‘Invest the morning coffee, avocado toast and after work cocktails you will never have’.

“This was a unique and innovative campaign, based around the exciting possibility of turning normal daily expenses into digital financial investments for the future during the lockdown”, Romain Repellin ECD from FamousGrey Paris said.

“We had a lot of fun devising creative concepts perfect for a variety of formats.”

Eric Demuth, CEO & Co-Founder of Bitpanda, said: “Our mission is to tear down the barriers to personal finance and bring traditional financial products into the 21st century.”

Investments start from €1, less than one drink in the pub, the firm said; adding that the digital platform could democratise investment in cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Bitpanda doubles the amount invested, and said it’s a great way of “turning happy hour into a happy investment”.