Biotiful Gut Health launches new brand platform by Above+Beyond


Biotiful Gut Health, the UK’s number one Kefir brand, has appointed independent agency Above+Beyond to work on a new brand positioning, the launch of a brand platform and associated campaign.

Above+Beyond’s appointment comes as gut health hits the mainstream, with more and more UK consumers conscious of its importance but requiring education on the positive impact fermented food such as Kefir can play on it.

Biotiful Gut Health new platform

The new platform Super. Naturally and launch execution The Power of Nature, celebrate Biotiful’s pioneering approach to natural gut health.

The film, directed by James Lovick, demonstrates how Biotiful Kefir bottles a bit of nature and brings it to your breakfast bowl.

Both the 30″ and 10″ second TV spots, produced by Above+Beyond’s sister agency Collective Studios, open with a breath-taking montage of nature by flowing through scenes of crashing waterfalls, waves and timelapses of growing plants, showcasing its power.

The film match cuts to a birds eye view of the bottle, outlining how this power flows into the product through billions of live cultures, protein and calcium.

This is the first major above-the-line advertising campaign since Biotiful launched in 2012 and will run from today (15 May) in TV and OOH nationwide.

In order to create the brand’s new brand positioning and platform, the team at Collective Studios used Above+Beyond’s “brand positioning pressure cooker” and “brand lightning ideation” process, in which client and agency teams work collaboratively to expedite the traditional lengthy process and co-create the approach in a series of working sessions.

Vince Lawson, Chief Marketing Officer, Biotiful Gut Health, said: “Gut health awareness is growing rapidly and rightfully entering the mainstream conversation in the UK.

“At Biotiful, our mission has always been to make natural gut health delicious and accessible to all so as more of the UK look for simple solutions for better gut health, it was time to reassess and cement our position as the pioneers of the category through a powerful new brand platform and national campaign that highlights why we’re the UKs #1 Kefir brand.

“Given their relevant experience, we’re delighted to have collaborated with Above+Beyond on this crucial next step in brand growth journey.

Jonny Ray, Managing Director, Above+Beyond, said: “Biotiful Gut Health’s spirit of making people aware of the benefits of Kefir and improving the nation’s gut health is an incredible mission.

“They started a category which is now rapidly growing as gut health has become a huge macro trend in the UK, with multiple new brands appearing on the scene.

“Our collaboration with Biotiful Gut Health aims to capture that original spirit and ensure the brand retains a powerful role in the nation’s gut health conversation – driving future growth, across all its products.”

Biotiful Gut Health was launched in 2012 by Founder and Entrepreneur Natasha Bowes, to introduce gut-friendly Kefir to the UK market.

Bowes knew from her own childhood the benefits of Kefir; on arrival in the UK she was disappointed with the lack of naturally nutritious food options, and therefore resolved to launch a Kefir brand in the UK.

Her objective for launch became their company mission: to make Gut Health accessible to all.

For over a decade, Biotiful Gut Health has been perfecting Kefir products based on an authentic 2000-year-old recipe, with British milk and billions of live cultures.

Pioneering the Kefir category in the UK, Biotiful holds over 60% market share with its Kefir Drinks and now has the most comprehensive range of natural gut health products in the market.

Biotiful has been instrumental in growing the UK Kefir Category from its infancy to nearly £100m today.

From its Kefir Original drink, the Biotiful Gut Health range has expanded to include naturally flavoured Kefir Drinks, Kids Kefir, Kefir Yogurt, Kefir Protein, and a number of plant-based products. Its most recent launch is the Meal Booster range, which can be sprinkled on meals or added to smoothies.