Big Narstie, Diane Morgan voice new immersive campaign for Samsung

big narstie and diane morgan voice samsung buds2 campaign - mediashotz

Creative agency Iris has launched a new audio-led integrated campaign for Samsung UK, called “Endorsed by Ears”, with voice appearances by Big Narstie and Diane Morgan.

Launching today across traditional and digital audio channels, the campaign is also supported by a OOH and social campaign, in a vibrant new look for the brand.

Big Narstie and Diane Morgan

Fronted by the voices of Big Narstie and Diane Morgan, humorous 30-second adverts highlight that the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are the true wireless wonders that your ears want.

The Buds2 are a new product by Samsung, so they enlisted creative agency Iris to create a strong and unique proposition to attract new customers. 

The campaign aims to encourage Gen Z to re-evaluate their current earbud experience and consider the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 as their headphones of choice.

Based on the insight that discomfort is the biggest barrier for people buying earbuds, the work focuses on comfort offered by the Samsung Galaxy Buds2, meaning that nothing has to come between people’s ears and the great sound quality they want to enjoy.

Each ad is spoken from the first-person perspective of a different set of ears. By using the recognisable, comedic celebrity voices of Big Narstie and Diane Morgan, the work aims to grab the attention of Gen Z and communicate that the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are so comfortable, they’ve been “endorsed by ears”.

The humorous scripts play on each celebrity’s public persona, with Big Narstie asking “What’s with these tinny things you keep shoving down my canals bruv? 

“Ears want comfy fit and proper sound”, meanwhile Diane Morgan provides a characteristically deadpan delivery with “Shower me in sweet sounds and give me a bubble bath of bass”.

The audio ads are supported by eye-catching designs that visually translate the lightheartedness of the audio. 

The campaign includes a DOOH takeover of Waterloo’s underground travelator, engaging visuals bring the playful nature of the campaign to life on the underground. 

Fly-posters will also be placed in cities such as Birmingham, London and Glasgow, adding to the fresh and current feel of the campaign. The work will also play out across social.

Chris Gough, Head of Marketing, Samsung UK: “Building on the insight that Galaxy Buds2 are the answer to uncomfortable fitting ear buds with poor sound quality, we wanted to deliver a disruptive, engaging and overall fun campaign to engage with a fresh audience. 

“Leveraging great comedic talent and deploying via an innovative media plan will help land this message, and hopefully raise a smile.”

Richard Hayter, Creative Director at Iris, added: “We wanted to avoid the same old ‘audio quality’ ad tropes. Galaxy Buds2 are accessible and fun. The work reflects that.”

The ads will run across radio, digital radio, social, and digital OOH from Monday 1 Nov until December 2021. The media has been handled by Starcom.