Biborg steers dramatic campaign for Ubisoft’s new Skull and Bones release


For the official release of its latest action-adventure game, Skull and Bones, on 16 February, Ubisoft entrusted agency Biborg with the mission of imagining the ultimate accessory for piloting the new pirate-themed game.

Skull and Bones campaign

The creative agency for gaming, a longtime trusted partner of Ubisoft, took the idea of a console driving wheel and pushed it one step further, creating a campaign featuring the unique, fictitious accessory to generate conversation around the launch of Skull and Bones: the “Ship’s Wheel Controller”.

The official trailer featuring the accessory debuted on the eve of the game’s release and, who knows, if it drums up enough excitement, gamers could soon find themselves at the helm of a real Ship’s Wheel Controller.

Designed to immerse gamers in the golden age of piracy, the wheel boasts a number of impressive features to give players the feeling that they’re setting sail on the seven seas, including precision controls, velocity paddles, haptic feedback, and Shanty Mode, allowing users to turn on in-game sea shanties at the flick of a switch.

“Our ability to dream when searching for ideas is a driving force at Biborg”, said Damien Foui, Creative Director at Biborg.

“An immersive controller in the shape of a ship’s wheel to steer a pirate game would quite simply be the Holy Grail when you’re a gamer who wants to live the full experience,”

A trailer created by Biborg featuring the imaginary controller is launching on the eve of the game’s release, imitating the codes of a high-end tech product launch.

“The film takes on the style of the most advanced, unparalleled, never-before-seen technology, juxtaposing it with the centuries-old ship’s wheel, surprising viewers”, Foui added.

To date, the Ship’s Wheel Controller only exists in the promotional video, but maybe, one day, players will be able to further enhance their gaming experience with the ultimate pirate accessory.