Beosound launched by Bang & Olufsen with cinematic reveal by Future Deluxe

beosound launch film BANG & OLUFSEN

Creative studio FutureDeluxe is behind a cinematic film marking the launch of a revolutionary new product, Beosound Theatre, from Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen. 

Beosound Theatre

Beosound Theatre is a technological and aesthetic masterwork, the firm said, that completely changes the soundbar game – an audiovisual experience years in the making, and made for years to come.
Inspired by the original concept line coined by Bang & Olufsen, ‘A New Vision for Sound’, the film explores the emotional connection between person and product. 

Opening on a photorealistic human eye, we journey through it to a flowing fabric world that teases some of Beosound Theatre’s features and finishes. 

A stirring electro-string soundtrack builds anticipation, before the fabric sweeps away to reveal the full product – which itself incorporates beautiful fabrics, created by another renowned Danish brand, Kvadrat.

The photorealistic eye that features in the film was animated, textured and rendered in-house by FutureDeluxe. 

To get the complex fabric simulations they envisioned, the FutureDeluxe team had to devise some state-of-the-art tech capabilities of their own, and at speed, with limited production time in the schedule.

FutureDeluxe are known for their focus on experimentation and R&D. But with limited time on this project, they had to adopt a very fluid approach to the R&D stage, continuing to develop new 3D tests during the edit. 

This was only made possible by close collaboration and constant communication with the trusting client team.

Matthew Bostock, Senior Creative Lead at Bang & Olufsen, said: “This film masterfully takes our audience on a journey – from the eye of the beholder, through a cascading world of fabric to the final reveal of the product. 

“Beosound Theatre is the result of tireless innovation and creative thinking, and we capture that here in such a sharp, smart way.”

Raj Davsi at FutureDeluxe, said: “The Bang & Olufsen Creative Team were great to collaborate with on this film, from the storyboard stage through research and development. 

“And the results, we think, speak for themselves, transforming abstract ideas into a wordless narrative that is fitting of the incredible Beosound Theatre.”

The film (above) is also available to watch on Bang & Olufsen’s social channels, including YouTube and Instagram.