Beauty Pie launches “No Catch” brand awareness drive


This week, Beauty Pie, the disruptive direct-to-consumer beauty brand, has launched “No Catch”, its new creative proposition.

“No Catch”

The new positioning highlights its accessibility compared to other prohibitively expensive luxury beauty brands that “cut you out”.

The campaign runs for six weeks from today and leverages TV and OOH to broaden reach and amplify awareness and consideration.

Beauty Pie, known for challenging traditional beauty norms, has crafted a product-led creative execution that departs from conventional beauty advertisements that promise unattainable perfection.

Instead, Beauty Pie aims to connect with consumers by presenting an authentic and relatable depiction of its quality products at affordable prices.

Created in-house, “No Catch” promotes the brand’s commitment to high-quality luxury products sourced from the best beauty labs from around the world.

Whether it’s “perfect Italian lipsticks, gentle Japanese cleansers, or deluxe Swiss serums,” Beauty Pie rewards its members with direct access to the best products at factory prices.

Media strategy

Bountiful Cow has devised a media strategy that defies more conventional media outlays for beauty brands.

In its first campaign since winning the account in April, the agency is leveraging the unparalleled brand growth potential offered by TV and Outdoor channels to drive immediate results while securing future expansion in terms of awareness and consideration.

By partnering with ITVX, the campaign aligns with their summertime hit TV show, Love Island, capturing the attention of a broad audience and presenting opportunities for positive wastage among younger, beauty-conscious shoppers.

For the OOH drive, Beauty Pie goes against industry norms by diverging from the conventional practice of aligning with retail environments. Instead, the brand takes a bold approach by exclusively utilising digital formats, ensuring prime ad placements within premium environments.

To maximise reach, Beauty Pie targets rural areas, connecting with its audience where they reside. Additionally, the campaign targets key rail environments, catering to commuters and further amplifying the frequency of exposure.

“We are thrilled to launch the ‘No Catch’ campaign, marking a significant turning point for Beauty Pie as we embark on a new chapter of brand building through TV and Outdoor media,” said Beauty Pie brand Marketing Director Carrie Tyler.

“Our disruptive approach challenges industry norms, allowing us to forge a genuine connection with our consumers.

“We are confident that this campaign will elevate our brand presence and resonate with beauty enthusiasts across the UK.”

Adam Foley, CEO of Bountiful Cow, said: “Beauty Pie’s ‘No Catch’ campaign is poised to make a lasting impression on the UK market.

“By leveraging the power of TV and Outdoor media, Beauty Pie amplifies its commitment to redefining luxury beauty products, without the luxury beauty price tags.”