Beat The Chasers launches in the Netherlands, returns to UK

beat the chasers

ITV Studios’ hit quiz show Beat The Chasers launched on Sunday night in the Netherlands and despite very heavy competition, it definitely drew attention in the prime time slot on RTL 4, said the show maker. 

The first episode, locally titled Beat The Champions, was watched by more than one million viewers, scoring a 15.5% market share in the key demo (25-54), outperforming the slot average by 16.5%. 

ITV Studios said these strong numbers prove that the Dutch viewers are “hooked”. 

Beat The Champions is produced by ITV Studios Netherlands.

Beat The Chasers season 2 UK

Where the Dutch viewers have only just been introduced to the hit format, in the UK the second season kicked off that same Sunday night. 

Watched by more than 4 million viewers, the thrilling show scored a market share of 22,6% in the key demo. 

These stellar ratings foreshadow another successful season for Beat The Chasers in the UK, keeping the British viewers on the tip of their chair each night this week.

beat the chasers - rahim
Beaten by The Chasers: Student Rahim wowed the show with his intelligence, manners and near win over the Chasers.

There was high drama as contestant, student Rahim, lost out on a staggering £100,000 prize. Many viewers took to social media to vent their outrage, claiming the young man was robbed.

Earlier in the show there was also tension between The Chasers, was Mark “The Beast” Labbett appeared to give fellow Chaser Shaun “The Dark Destroyer” Wallace a stern telling off for dithering over an answer.

The Chasers are among the top quiz masters in the UK and also have on screen personalities, so we’re sure it was all in the spirit of the game.

Beat The Chasers is created by Potato, part of ITV Studios and is distributed internationally by ITV Studios.