“Be lazy, just vote”: C4 rebrands as Channel 4th in election campaign


Channel 4 has launched a campaign to encourage people to vote in this week’s General Election, rebranding as Channel 4th in a playful reference to the July 4th polling date.

Channel 4th

Developed by Channel 4’s in-house award-winning creative agency, 4creative, the campaign sees the on-air channel graphic (the bug), Channel 4 idents and continuity slides become 4th between July 1st and July 4th.

In addition, the iconic ‘Giant 4’ installation outside its London office forms part of a “vote on the 4th” message displayed on the building.

The campaign, ‘be lazy, just vote’ aims to remind people that sometimes the most powerful form of enacting social change is the simplest.

Out of home posters nationwide, with design inspired by polling station signs, poke fun at voter apathy and list the range of activities more difficult than voting, for example “the easiest way to put a cross in the box” in a nod to the UEFA Euro 2024.

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Be lazy by Channel 4th.

On-air continuity announcements will also include campaign references allied to a range of social and influencer activity.

‘Be lazy, just vote’ continues 4creative’s track record of producing campaigns that generate buzz in disruptive ways.

Recent campaigns have included their homage to 90s rave culture in support of the Channel 4 docudrama Partygate and the “carbon skidmarks” campaign tying in with Channel 4’s Climate Change season.

The campaign sets out to remind people that voting has never been easier, with 74% of people saying they live within ten minutes of their nearest polling station.

Channel 4’s General Election night coverage will feature a high-profile line-up providing expert analysis and commentary.

Channel 4 News lead presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy and The News Agents’ Emily Maitlis will be joined by The Rest is Politics podcast hosts Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart, breaking down the night’s results in front of a live studio audience.

Mathematics professor Hannah Fry will present the results and crunch the data at the big screen, helping to make sense of the numbers and tell the story of the night.

Nic Moran, head of Channel 4 Marketing, said: “At this crucial moment in time for the country, we’re proud of what our campaign represents. We want to remind people that the most powerful way to make a difference is also the easiest.

“The brand message is impactful in its simplicity, and speaks to Channel 4’s purpose and commitment to younger audiences – we hope this will strike a chord and get people to their local polling station. We’re excited to bring the 4th to our audience.”

Chris Wood Deputy ECD, 4creative, said: “We all want to do the right thing but often we just don’t get round to it.

“With a polling station closer than your local pub and casting your vote definitely requiring less work than scrubbing out a marmite jar, we thought a friendly nudge to encourage people to put a cross in a box felt very Channel4.

“Then when the election was announced for the 4th of the month it was bit of a gift, it meant we could do the save the date reminder in the most low effort kind of way (always my preferred approach).”

Speaking about Channel 4’s General Election coverage, lead-presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, said: “This is a massive moment in British history, we’re going to be talking about this election for a long, long time – and we have assembled an amazing cast of people to help interpret, understand it and talk about where this sets British politics on course for the next few years.

“We’ve got a uniquely intelligent, charismatic, entertaining line up of people to help make sense of what’s happening on the night.”