BBC Two commissions two COVID-19 programmes


BBC Two has commissioned two ‘fast turnaround’ programmes to give viewers much needed insights into the global coronavirus pandemic.

Hospital: The Covid-19 Frontline sees the award-winning series going behind the scenes as the NHS responds to the Covid-19 pandemic; with the number of cases in the UK rising sharply. As the number of cases pile up, there is a need for more medical supplies, especially for frontline workers. Protective equipment such as PPE kits, masks, face shields, and other safety products must be on hand to keep people safe, and as such F2 Medical Supplies and similar e-shops could prove indispensable.

The TV programmes will be produced by Label1 Television. BBC Two also commissioned a two-part special from the long running science strand Horizon. This will investigate the scientific facts and figures behind the biggest public health crisis in living memory.

“These are unprecedented times and two of BBC Two’s premier brands are delivering unique programmes to help understand the crisis”, Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two, said.

“The Horizon special will engage with the science behind the pandemic, exploring the complexities with unerring focus.

“RTS award-winning Hospital has been granted unique access to the frontline NHS response; allowing the audience to see the stark realities of the healthcare emergency.

“These are hugely important documentaries that couldn’t be more timely and necessary”.

Hospital: The Covid-19 Frontline

Produced by Label1 Television for BBC Two, Hospital will be filmed across the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust in London, as staff look to contain and treat the virus in these exceptional and unprecedented times.

The Royal Free London is home to world-leading experts in infectious diseases who are battling the pandemic and helping to lead the way not just in the UK but globally.

Filmed, edited and broadcast within weeks, this film will capture the daily realities facing the NHS during this global health emergency.

The film will also play an important role in keeping the public informed about the facts and how they can help the NHS and its staff meet the challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

Due to air in spring 2020, Hospital: The Covid-19 Frontline will bring the audience to the frontline of the NHS response to Covid-19, and will explore the evolving systems being employed in an attempt to deal with the increasingly complex pandemic, which is affecting the whole world.

Coronavirus: A Horizon Special

In just over 100 days, Covid-19 has taken an unprepared world by storm. Infiltrating every corner of the globe, sending entire nations into lock-down, killing thousands and infecting countless more.

Across the world we’ve seen governments scrambling to react, hospitals struggling to cope and an increasingly anxious public starting to panic.

The world’s media is awash with data, information and misinformation.

But what are the facts? What is Covid-19 and why is this strain of Coronavirus so dangerous? And what happens in our bodies when the virus attacks? What do the all the numbers really mean? And how can we use them to find the truth about how many people have contracted the virus and plan for the future?

BBC Two’s Horizon – the longest running TV science strand in the world – will look behind the headlines. It will explore the latest new research from the frontline of the medical fightback.

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History, said: “Our understanding of this virus is evolving every day. The Horizon team is working to bring viewers the very latest scientific research into the subject.

“At a time when we’re looking for answers, it’s never been more important to sort fact from fiction; and explain the latest scientific understanding behind the pandemic.”