Donalda MacKinnon quits as Director of BBC Scotland


BBC Scotland Director Donalda MacKinnon is to stand down as the corporation’s Scottish leader after four years in the role.

She has been with the broadcaster for 33 years.

MacKinnon announcement

Speaking to staff at the BBC Studios in Pacific Quay today, the BBC’s senior figure in Scotland said she believed that having ushered in the biggest ever programme investment here, including the launch of a new TV channel, the time is now right for her to pass on the Director’s baton.

“Reflecting back on all that we have achieved, and with complete certainty that we are in strong shape for the future, I’ve decided that this is the right time for me to stand down and allow a new leader to take you all to the next stage”, said Donalda MacKinnon.

“It has not been an easy decision for me to leave this job, a brilliant team and the best colleagues and friends I could have wished to have… but I am sure that this is the right moment for me and for all of us.”

The BBC’s Director General Tony Hall and Nations and Regions Director Ken MacQuarrie praised Donalda’s contribution to the BBC and wider creative industry.

Hugely valued

“Donalda has been a hugely valued colleague and friend”, Hall siad.

“She has achieved an enormous amount in her time at the BBC and been a passionate advocate both for the BBC in Scotland – and for Scotland’s interests inside the organisation”.

“And beyond that, as a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion, Donalda has used her warmth and openness to bring about changes to the whole organisation, designed to make the BBC a great place in which to work for women and all.

“We’ll miss her – but we wish her a very happy retirement.”

Ken MacQuarrie said: “Donalda’s passion for programme making, particularly from and about Scotland, has always shone in the many different parts of the BBC she’s worked in.

“She’s continued to champion this in both English language and Gaelic output in her role as Director of BBC Scotland, while also bringing her vision, empathy and a real resolve to pushing culture change within the organisation.”

Having had the privilege of many years of BBC service across a wide range of areas, MacKinnon said she’d planned from the outset when taking on the Director’s role that she would leave this year when she turned 60.

“It will be a milestone year for me and I’m keen, for family and personal reasons, to get some time back”, she said.