BBC News reveals new state-of-the-art studio

bbc news studio

BBC News has unveiled its newly revamped studio which will put audiences first with new features and cutting edge technology to provide more modern ways of story-telling and improve the experience of viewers at home.

The ambitious redevelopment of Studio B will house the BBC’s flagship news programmes, the News at Six and Ten, London’s regional bulletins and a host of other news programmes.

BBC News studio

Based at New Broadcasting House, the new studio forms part of the BBC’s commitment to modernise the delivery of its news output and better serve our audiences. 

It is an ambitious project to make its biggest studio the most flexible, efficient and creative space.

Viewers will get to see the new-look studio live on air with Huw Edwards on the BBC News at Ten, on Monday 13 June.

This is the first major revamp of a BBC News studio in the last ten years.

Some of the new features viewers will notice include:

Making the most out of the studio space

The BBC has created distinct areas that will enhance its reporting:
– A new giant curved catwalk will bring our distinctive design element to life and allow it to help clearly and cleanly navigate our viewers through complex stories, and will link to the BBC’s regional programmes.
– And there are numerous options to reconfigure the set for special occasions, such as elections.

A new central tower to present content in a way viewers recognise

This will show viewers how to get the most of BBC News on digital platforms and provide us with flexible, different and exciting ways of presenting information.

More interactive screens

These will allow the broadcaster to tell stories in a multitude of ways and choose between different types of content, giving its presenters a number of platforms to share stories with viewers.

It said its weather map will be bigger and better and allow the weather presenters to be free to dynamically tell the weather story of the day.

Behind the scenes

The BBC said new equipment will make the way it reports news more efficient and sustainable.

It said it has a new state of the art robotic camera system with embedded tracks in the floor to allow the presenter to safely move around the space.

This makes it a very efficient area, and as well as introducing automation the Beeb said it has greatly reduced its power consumption (compared to the previous studio) by replacing its lights with LEDs.

Overall, these significant improvements to the studio will provide a huge amount of flexibility that will give the BBC endless ways to help bring stories to life in a way it hasn’t before.

Huw Edwards said: “This is going to be our home for daily news, big events and everything in between. 

“It gives us a platform which allows us to tell stories in a much more vibrant, creative and impactful way that will make a real difference to our audience. 

“We’re really proud of it and I can’t wait to share it with our viewers.”

Jonathan Munro, Interim Director of News, said: “Bringing greater value to our audiences has been at the core of this project and we’re so excited to finally bring the newly refurbished studio to viewers at home. 

“It really puts them at the heart of our reporting while also highlighting the great variety of what BBC News has got to offer.

“As the first major refurbishment our news studios have seen in a decade, it is a real blueprint for how we move forward in future-proofing our news output.”

The BBC will see significant cost savings in the long term due to the flexibility of the space, which means we will no longer need to build bespoke new sets for major events such as elections.