BBC Breakfast welcomes newest Business Presenter to line-up

Business presenter nina warhurst

Nina Warhurst has been appointed as the new Business Presenter of BBC Breakfast.

She will start her new role immediately.

With previous roles at Channel 5, Channel M in Manchester and Russia Today, Warhurst has also presented for BBC North West Tonight, BBC Sport, Sunday Politics and BBC News during her broadcast career.

Business Presenter Warhurst

“I’m so excited to formally join the BBC Breakfast team, it’s a programme I have always loved, both as a viewer and as a journalist’” Warhurst said.

“I grew up locally, so it makes me especially proud that Breakfast is made and broadcast from Salford. This is an incredibly challenging period for our audiences and I look forward to delivering news on our economy in a way that is clear and inclusive.”

In 2017, Warhurst took home the Royal Television Society award for Best Regional Journalist and she will feel right at home in the BBC Breakfast studio in Salford, having grown up in nearby Sale, Greater Manchester.

Richard Frediani, Editor of BBC Breakfast, said: “Nina is already well known to Breakfast viewers, with regular appearances on the famous red sofa.

“She is an award-winning journalist who will add to our reputation for first-class original, exclusive journalism. I’m delighted she will now become a permanent member of the UK’s most watched Breakfast show.’’

Dominic Ball, Editor of BBC Business and Economics, said: “Nina brings a combination of warmth and authority to her presenting.

“She’s a first-class business journalist and one of her great strengths is her ability to convey complex information to audiences in a way that is accessible and relevant to their lives.

“Millions of Breakfast viewers couldn’t have a better guide through such tumultuous times.”