BAUERSERVICEPLAN content/publishing agency launched by Bauer Media, Serviceplan


Bauer Media Group and the Serviceplan Group have launched a new joint venture for content marketing and corporate publishing, operating under the rather clunky moniker BAUERSERVICEPLAN – The Content Company.

The joint venture will be headquartered in the House of Communication Berlin (HdK) and brings together broad journalistic know-how, creative excellence and digital expertise in an integrated agency concept. 


The inaugural client of BAUERSERVICEPLAN will be the Federal Association of Local Health Insurance Funds (AOK). 

Bauer Media Multi-Editor-in-Chief Uwe Bokelmann and Benedikt Göttert, Location Head of the Serviceplan Group’s Berlin HdK, will be in charge as the Chief Content Officers. 

Stephan Hiller (Bauer Media Group) and Frank Meinke (Serviceplan Berlin) will take over the commercial management of the agency. The joint venture was inaugurated on 1 March 2021.

Bauer Media Group is one of the largest media companies in Europe, and Serviceplan Group, is Europe’s largest independent agency group.

After winning the pitch for the AOK Federal Association’s contents budget in October 2019 as a bidding consortium, Bauer Media and Serviceplan said they are moving closer together in an enterprising way through the launch of their new joint venture.

Corporate focus

The joint agency concept will have a focus on corporate publishing, editorial and creative content creation, as well as integrated distribution via analogue and digital channels. 

The joint venture focuses on the key topics of health, food and lifestyle, as well as on public sector clients.

BAUERSERVICEPLAN provides the entire strategic, creative, technological and content range of successful content communication they said. 

Specialised services will be delivered by both partners, for instance journalistic formats by Bauer media journalists, and creation as well as social media by Serviceplan. 

Moreover, through the linking of the joint venture to Bauer Media’s House of Content, as well as to Serviceplan Group’s Houses of Communication, customers will have access to all service sectors of both companies.

As market leaders of their sectors, the partners combine journalistic expertise with creative excellence and technological edge. With this joint agency service, they believe they will lead companies to a new level of content marketing.

“Content marketing is a central and powerful foundation of brand communication when you know which content reaches people, and which messages turn brands into Best Brands”, said Serviceplan’s Göttert. 

“The marriage between a publisher and an agency makes a great deal of sense both conceptually and commercially.”

“And we know that it works”, added Bokelmann, who as Editor-in-Chief is also responsible for BAUERSERVICEPLAN’s the mutual customer AOK.

“Our shared vision has been a reality already lived by journalists, creatives, strategists and consultants on a daily basis for one and a half years. 

“For ourselves as journalists with Bauer, it is essential to be so close to our target groups that we know precisely which content we can reach them with on a long-term basis. The quality of journalistic content always takes first place!“

Strong partnership of two independent houses

Bokelmann, Göttert, Hiller and Meinke are supported and advised by a four-person advisory body consisting of Ingo Klinge (CEO Bauer Deutschland), Ronald Focken (Managing Director of the Serviceplan Group), Frank Fröhling (Sales Director Bauer Deutschland) and Vincent Schmidlin (Managing Director of the Serviceplan Agency Holding).

“We couldn’t have wished for a better partner to further expand this business sector strategically”, said Focken. 

“Bauer provides the editorial know-how and the expertise for gaining a greater coverage, while Serviceplan represents guidance of successful brands and a high level of integration into all analogue and digital channels. 

“This range of services is unparalleled and currently there is nothing like that in the market.”

Klinge added: “A great amount of creativity and power emerges when two strong partners come together on an equal footing. This momentum makes a big difference.”

“And as well as the content-related compatibility, there are also great cultural similarities. 

“Both Bauer and Serviceplan are independent, partner-and-family-led companies that have expanded internationally with roots in Germany.”

Commenting on the launch of the joint venture, Steve Plesker, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the AOK, said: “We are very pleased that we were allowed to play our part in the birth, and that our collaboration is being set up in an even more integrated way”.