Battersea launches ‘sports tactical’ ads by New Commercial Arts


Battersea, the animal welfare charity, has launched a set of tactical adverts playfully linked to the European Championships and Wimbledon.

Created by New Commercial Arts, the ads link the conversation around these major sporting events to the effort, expertise, and care that Battersea gives to every dog and cat.

Battersea sports ads

‘Coming home? That’s up to you’ ran in press and digital over the weekend, in the run up to Sunday’s crucial England vs Slovakia Round of 16 game in this years’ UEFA European Football Championship.

Who’s coming home? new Battersea campaign pulls at emotions while linking to sport.

It highlights Battersea’s cat rehoming function, with the charity working tirelessly to find loving homes for the cats in their care.

‘New balls, please’ has been running in proximity digital OOH sites in the Wimbledon/South West London area  in the run up to The Championships, Wimbledon tennis tournament, as well as in digital from this week.

It highlights the love and care that the charity put into the wellbeing of the dogs in their centres.

Harriet Lancashire, Acting Director of Marketing and Communications at Battersea, said: “With Euros fever in full swing, and play starting at the Championships Wimbledon, Battersea is hoping attention will turn to some of our own star players – our dogs and cats looking for new homes.

“Our own teams are working hard to provide expert care for these animals, and we hope these adverts will put them on the radar of sports fans and non-sports fans alike.”

Ian Heartfield, Founder & Chief Creative Officer at New Commercial Arts, said: “Our Battersea work balances the serious with the playful.

“The tennis and football provide great opportunities to do just that, and for the charity to join in with the national conversation.”