Bartek Sibiga on NFTs and Fancy Bears in the Metaverse

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While we’re all trying to get our heads around NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and what they might mean for brands, business and the rest of the world, entrepreneur Bartek Sibiga is already creating them.

Bartek Sibiga

An NFT trailblazer, Sibiga is the Founder and CEO of a new NFT platform called Fancy Bears Metaverse.

He’s a serial entrepreneur having created companies worth over €10m in the Web3/metaverse/NFT world.

He talked to us about the launch of his profile picture NFT company (fans includes Flloyd Mayweather), creating an NFT for Ukraine aid response, and why NFTs are much more than just hype.

Bartek Sibiga, Founder and CEO Fancy Bears Metaverse

What are PFP NFTs and who/what are Fancy Bears?

An NFT is a digital record of ownership for an asset – usually something like an artwork or collectible. 

The world’s biggest brands such as Nike and McDonalds are also exploring NFTs and how they can be used to create better experiences for their potential customers.

PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs are also growing in popularity. These unique image files are linked to the blockchain with a description of all their features logged on popular platforms such as Opensea, confirming the rarity and value on the secondary market.

Fancy Bears Metaverse is a collection of 8888 PFP (profile picture) NFTs. 

Fancy Bear - Josh
Fancy Bear – Josh

The collection was officially launched 6 January and sold out in 8 minutes! Fancy Bear holders have access to a suite of benefits from personalised merchandise, exclusive parties in the Metaverse (as well as destinations around the world) and voting rights and a profit share in it’s DAO Fund. 

Fancy Bears can currently be traded on the Opensea platform.

Who can buy one?  

The great thing about Fancy Bears and NFTs in general is that they are the great equaliser – anyone can buy one from celebrities to the Average Joe. 

We see it as the ultimate democratic members’ club and welcome every individual. 

We bring together athletes, celebrities, business people, crypto enthusiasts and anyone else who is only willing to become a member of our family.

What are the biggest misconceptions surrounding NFTs?

One of the most popular but also misleading misconceptions is the idea that NFTs have zero utility. 

Its ability to use immutable blockchain ledger technology to securely authenticate and monetise assets like artwork or property is a real world example of utility. 

Fancy Bear - Ashley
Fancy Bear – Ashley.

It also provides a membership card to some of the best connected and engaged communities operating in Web 3 – that network really helps you navigate the world of NFTs.

That being said, your readers need to be diligent and avoid being too drawn to hype projects without any substance. 

It is the projects’ role to educate their community and raise awareness about possible dangers.

How can businesses benefit from PFP NFTs?

PFPs offer a great opportunity to take a step into the new technological era of Web 3.0 and build a distinct community and personality as a business. 

You can build new collaborations and seek direct feedback on new products before you go to market, within the safe space you create in the Metaverse.

What’s next for you? 

The industry is still quite new and constantly changes, so we have to reevaluate our vision regularly. We are always coming up with new ideas and looking for new opportunities and collaborations. 

We want to be the most democratic community in Web 3, so many of our decisions are ultimately driven by our Bear Holders.

Currently we’re working on a host of projects including launching an NFT collection for Ukraine where profits will go directly to benefit the citizens of Ukraine. 

nft for ukraine - bartek sibiga
Good causes: Sibiga is helping those caught up in the devastating conflict in Ukraine.

This is a great example of how PFP projects can leverage their communities for good causes, circumventing the sometimes cumbersome official bodies to go direct where help is needed most.

Tell us about what led to the creation of Fancy Bears?

I started my business career with DDOB agency, now the biggest influencer agency in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Prior to this, I was a successful ski freestyler and even qualified for the Olympics before a knee injury forced me out of the sport. 

I’ve always had a passion for technology and Fancy Bears was the result of seeing how the world of PFP NFT communities was exploding!