Barclaycard launches fab new campaign with Helena Bonham-Carter

barclaycard droga5 ad with Helena Bonham-Carter - mediashotz

Barclaycard has launched a new campaign for its merchant payments tech featuring none other than Hollywood A-lister Helena Bonham-Carter.

It’s a fresh, funny and perfectly timed creative effort from the team at UK ad agency Droga5. It’s definitely our ad of the week.

Barclaycard for business

Barclaycard has enlisted the help of another real business owner in their latest campaign. 

The campaign features at its centre two ads, one 60-seconds and the other 30-seconds, which are running across video-on-demand and online video in paid, targeted media. 

The campaign started on 1 September and will runs until the end of October.

The ad features a UK business owner in the form of complete charmer Wasel Ali, who is the owner of Paradise restaurant.

According to the blurb Ali is a man who, like Barclaycard, believes that ‘Every Customer Matters’. 

Whether a customer is Helena Bonham Carter or a local, they all get the ‘Paradise’ treatment. 

The film sees Wasel tell the true story of the time this theory was put to the test, when Helena Bonham Carter actually showed up and ordered a take-away.

Bonham-Carter is shot in beautiful slow-mo gliding to the counter to choose her must have take-away dinner. 

She is pictured laughing loving into Ali’s eyes as she decides what to order – all this of course in the loved-up flashback of Ali’s mind.

The punchline at the end comes with the Hollywood actress in a what appears to be a film set dressing room van in full 18th century gown, huge wig and makeup, and in typically deadpan fashion vaguely recalls having once ordered a takeaway form Ali’s Paradise, which was “really good”.

Clearly the payoff is intended to show how painless, quick, and “no fuss”, in fact almost forgetful, for businesses and their customers to use the Barclaycard business payments system. Job done.