Bank of Antandec stage ‘Cashback Fightback’ against Santander

'CASHBACK fightback'

“Cashback Fightback” is the latest instalment of the ‘Bank of Antandec’ campaign and shows the two hapless but well-meaning CEOs pulling on their boxing gloves in an effort to win new customers.

The duo are determined to fight back against the lure of Santander‘s “annoyingly great” cashback of over £10m every month, however hard it might be to beat.

“Cashback Fightback”

“The Cashback Fightback,” was created with House 337, Merman Production and in consultation with Mitre Studios.

It takes a humorous look at CEOs Ant and Dec’s attempts to raise the morale of their own bank’s staff and build their legacy by delivering a rousing, Rocky-style motivational speech.

Survivor’s hit song “Eye of the Tiger” sets the tone as staff morale builds steadily in response, until every employee is pumped up and ready to win.

CEOs of the Bank of Antandec meanwhile, are clueless about how on earth they can actually respond to Santander’s amazing offer which continues their long-standing heritage of giving customers cashback on their everyday spend.

Santander & House 337’s Effie award winning ‘Bank of Antandec’ campaign has been running since 2019.

The TV spot broke 2 September and will be supported across video on demand, radio, social media and in branch activity.

In OOH the campaign explores the iconography of classic vintage boxing posters as well as showing The Bank of Antandec admitting defeat to Santander’s offer.

Dan Sherwood, Director of Marketing at Santander UK, said: “‘Cashback Fightback’ uses the light-hearted nature of the Bank of Antandec campaign to celebrate Santander’s great cashback offer, where customers get a share of over £10 million cashback every month.”

Jo Moore, Executive Creative Director at House 337, said: “The latest campaign in the ‘Bank of Antandec’ creative vehicle provides a humorous take on how the Bank of Antandec responds to Santander’s seriously generous cashback offer.

“All the work takes a deliberately entertaining and light-hearted approach, delivering the message while engaging consumers.”

Gemma Nightingale, Creative Executive at Mitre Studios, said: “Mitre Studios has been proud to collaborate with House 337 once again on this latest campaign.

“Since the inception in 2019, the ‘Bank of Antandec’ campaigns continue to showcase Santander’s engaging use of entertainment to speak directly to their customers.

“’Cashback Fightback’ is a humorous creative that follows the CEOs as they try once again to fight back against Santander’s great products.”