Bake Off star launches Menkind podcast with comedian


Former Bake Off contestant Michael Chakraverty and comedian Mark Watson have launched a new podcast called Menkind.

Menkind podcast

The show aims to cover off a range of subjects examining masculinity and what it means to be a ‘man’ in 2020?

It will look at how many of the traditional expectations and tropes of ‘manhood’ still stand up, and how many need to be discarded?

Ultimately, the podcast hopes to examine how men can be better, and how ‘men’ in general could be a better, gentler, more positive influence upon the planet they’ve done considerable damage to.

It will also celebrate all the things that are good about man-ship. “If we were building a new model for a ‘perfect’ man, what would it look like – temperamentally and also dick-wise?” According to the duo.

Staight/gay, youth/age

Mark Watson is straight, white, likes football and drinking; Michael Chakraverty is gay, brown, and obsessed with ‘girl band Little Mix to a degree that is a bit strange’.

The two of them have almost no interests in common. They hadn’t even met until they recorded the first episode of this podcast. However, with Watson’s wit and wry view of the world mixed alongside Chakraverty’s youthful exuberance, this could be a very clever matching.

Mark is 40 whereas Michael is a baby and doesn’t remember things like Teletext and hadn’t heard of Bovril until recently, Watson comically observed.

The intersection of their worlds claims to provide a space for a series of fascinating discussions with a diverse range of remarkable people.

Tom Daley 

In this first series we learn from Olympic diver Tom Daley about his guilty sporting secret; they chat to Riyadh Khalaf about how he changed his father’s life; Andrew O Neill discusses metal music, wizardry, dresses and why he was once pleased to get the shits.

Crystal (from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Pace’) puts Mark in an awkward position re: his penis; and we are entertained and educated by a range of other fascinating voices including Travis Alabanza, Alistair Campbell and James McVey.

The chats are funny, often sad, frequently surprising, and more uplifting and hopeful than either host probably imagined when they started.

Mark Watson is that comedian and author from things like Taskmaster, The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, and almost everything else. Last month he published his seventh novel, ‘Contacts’. He has 219,000 Twitter followers.

Michael Chakraverty was in the Bake Off and got a bit tearful over pastry and everyone loved him. He has written for the Guardian, i, Metro, among others.

He has 139,000 followers on Instagram and is a mental health advocate. As well as volunteering, he has also fronted campaigns for the Samaritans and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Listeners can subscribe via a number of platforms, listed below: