Badoo launches comical “Let’s Fix Dating” campaign by Untold Fable

Badoo let's_fix_dating_2

Badoo, one of the world’s largest dating apps with a community of millions across the world, has launched a global campaign titled Let’s Fix Dating. 

The campaign forms part of Badoo’s aim to make modern dating more enjoyable and less stressful.

Badoo fixing campaign

Nothing says romance like monosyllabic messages, unsolicited pictures and catfishing. Dating app users the world over will recognise these seemingly ubiquitous behaviours, but not all dating apps are built equally. 

Badoo has features specifically designed to fix them including the ability to clearly state your intentions; rude message detector; and ‘clips’ feature – which allows members to express their personality through 15-second videos.

Let’s Fix Dating is a series of playful, relatable vignettes that show just how ridiculous dating app behaviours are by bringing them into the real world – and how Badoo can solve them. 

Content production company Untold Fable collaborated closely with the brand’s in-house creative team, using real dating app behavioural insights to develop scenarios and scripts, then led every stage of production, shooting in multiple locations in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Driving Untold Fable’s diversity mission and drawing on its global network of production talent, the content production company presented a director shortlist that was 50/50 male/female, 25% PoC. 

Renowned comedy director Sami Abusamra’s smart, grown-up style neatly lands the brand’s tone.

The 15-second, 30-second and 60-second vignettes are rolling out across parts of Europe on social channels throughout Q1.

Luke Crisell, Global Head of Creative at Badoo said: “We believe dating should always be fun and we’re on a mission to discourage any expectation or behaviour that stops dating from being exactly that. 

“Badoo’s new creative showcases bad dating behaviours we discourage by putting them in real-life scenarios.”

Morag Bruce, Head of Editorial & Creative at Untold Fable said: “Content production, like dating, should be fun.

“One thing that we think makes it more fun (and Untold Fable unique) is how we can slot into a brand’s in-house creative team before production kicks off, helping them finesse ideas or act as an ego-less, positive sounding board. 

“It makes the work better, and we love it. Collaborating with Badoo on Let’s Fix Dating was a blast. 

“From exploring data-led scenarios and debating scripts, to casting diverse talent from our global network and shooting in Sofia, every stage of honest partnership was key in getting to a playful campaign that speaks to daters everywhere.”