B2B techmark The Marketing Practice acquires Kingpin

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The Marketing Practice (TMP) today announced its acquisition of Kingpin Communications, bringing together two leaders in B2B technology marketing.

The announcement comes a month after TMP acquired Omobono, a digital experiences agency, and the combined group represents a new, unique powerhouse in B2B marketing.

Supported by Horizon Capital, the ambition behind the acquisitions is to create a growth platform for B2B clients. 

The Marketing Practice and Kingpin

The addition of Kingpin’s excellence in media, data and audience insight to TMP’s ABM and demand generation leadership and Omobono’s brand and digital experience capability offers clients the opportunity to join up the customer experience ‘through the funnel’.

The combined group will employ over 300 people with locations in the US, UK, Germany and Australia and clients include ServiceNow, Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack, Lenovo, SAP, and Fortinet.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone in a plan to bring together specialist B2B marketing businesses under the banner of The Marketing Practice. 

Over time, acquired agencies will combine to the benefit of clients as a single organisation rather than within a network. 

The goal is to bring together the best in B2B to help clients take more accountability for growth and revenue impact.

Matt Harper, CEO of TMP, said of the deal: “This is an exciting moment for B2B marketing. It’s been clear from the outset that TMP and Kingpin share a vision for how the industry will develop. 

“All our clients are asking for us to help their marketing leadership take more responsibility for growth. 

“We can now do that with more confidence, by connecting the dots between brand, digital, media, ABM and demand marketing all underpinned by a total dedication to B2B.”


Harper believes the close integration of dedicated B2B specialists offers a chance to disrupt the traditional client-agency relationship as B2B adapts to a new era:

“The reaction we’ve had from clients and our people has been hugely positive. They can see the opportunities there are to improve the way we go to market and the results we can create. 

“It’s what clients and our teams are asking for. It’s a fabulous opportunity to redefine the way B2B services are delivered.”

Mirza Fur, CEO of Kingpin, said: “Kingpin and TMP have been leaders in the growth of B2B marketing for over 20 years. 

“Our results-driven ethos is the same, with a true focus around accountability for our clients. The complimentary offerings combined together with TMP and Omobono coupled with our geographic positions align to the Kingpin ambitions, however in a much more accelerated and structured manner. 

“That’s what made this conversation appealing from the beginning – the potential of what the combined offering delivers for our clients and also the amazing growth and development opportunities for our teams is immense  – we can do so much more together, whilst protecting our strong combined culture and focus”

The combination of The Marketing Practice, Kingpin and Omobono is a significant milestone in the development of a growth platform, bringing together high-end B2B marketing specialists to create a differentiated offering that reflects marketing becoming the “engine room for growth” in B2B businesses.

TMP aims to do that with the support of Horizon Capital, breaking the mould of mature B2B agencies joining large network agency groups.