Azerion study shows how high-impact formats drive up attention


Azerion, one of Europe’s largest digital advertising and entertainment media platforms, and global attention technology company Lumen Research today announced findings from their Amplify 2.0 analysis that uncovers a significant correlation between attention and full-funnel brand performance from high-impact formats.

Utilising Lumen’s technology and expertise, Azerion analysed campaigns across finance, retail and automotive sectors with a range of digital advertising formats to understand how each format interacted with one another to drive  attention.

High-impact formats

The analysis, which builds on the award-winning success of their inaugural research in 2018, found that high-impact formats, such as skins, deliver a significant amplification effect. This means driving 43% more attention to subsequent standard formats, compared to a non-primed version.

This was reinforced by additional AI-powered predictive modelling which indicated that even small increases in spending on top of funnel branding can drive up to a 20% reduction in performance CPAs at the bottom of the funnel.

Establishing this correlation between the amplification effects of high-impact branding formats to their performance counterparts proves that attention is vital for advertisers looking for a full-funnel brand performance solution.

Dominic Tillson, Marketing Director at Azerion comments: “After our groundbreaking work with the Lumen team in 2018 we’re excited to showcase the latest research proving the amplification effects and outcomes by optimising campaign flighting across a broader range of creative formats.

“In these changing societal and economic times, delivering independent measurement, transparency, and outcomes on advertising campaigns is key to long-term and sustainable success in the advertising industry.”

Mike Follett, Managing Director at Lumen Research said: “We celebrate Azerion’s continued investment in understanding and driving the value of attentive formats.

“Where most attention research has looked at the impact of ads in isolation, it’s refreshing to see Azerion take on the challenge of understanding how multiple ad exposures interact, revealing how a full-funnel brand performance solution such as theirs can really move the dial and drive more effective campaign outcomes.”