Azerion expands links with Oracle Advertising to boost fraud protection

azerion expands oracle advertising links

Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform, has expanded its collaboration with Oracle with the addition of Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration. 

Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration helps marketers and media professionals reduce losses related to invalid traffic by supplying customers with the most up-to-date bot-related invalid traffic data. 

Implementing Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration helps support Azerion in its objective to bring clean supply to marketers, through its proprietary SSP, Improve Digital.

Oracle Advertising

Over the past year, Azerion has successfully integrated two other Oracle Advertising solutions: Oracle Moat Analytics for viewability and Oracle Contextual Intelligence for brand safety. 

By expanding its relationship to include Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration for invalid traffic protection, Azerion is reinforcing its commitment to advertisers and media agencies in upholding brand safety, brand suitability, viewability, all whilst seeking to minimise the risk of fraud.

A boost to fraud protection

Azerion has integrated Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration alongside an existing integration with Oracle Moat Analytics to help measure invalid traffic and better protect ad spend. 

Helping ensure ads are served to valid traffic is a critical measurement of media quality and an essential foundation for further measurement insights, such as viewability and attention.

Ongoing brand safety and viewability

In 2021, Azerion implemented Oracle Contextual Intelligence to help deliver ads in a safe and brand-suitable environment. 

Oracle Contextual Intelligence does not rely on personal identifiers so ads are displayed on brand-suitable advertising spaces with appropriate contextual content. 

The technology combines machine learning and deep linguistic experience to evaluate web page content so advertisers can find the contextual environments that align with their brand, while avoiding the risks of negative content. 

It can also be used to place ads in contexts that are more impactful for brands. In addition, Azerion uses Oracle Moat Analytics for measurement of ad viewability performance.

Irina Dzyubinsky, Senior Director, Product Management for Oracle Moat, said: “Oracle’s dedication to building secure infrastructures and online security solutions uniquely qualifies us to tackle the challenges of ad fraud. 

“Our global threat intelligence team has been digging into malware-riddled code to identify patterns associated with malicious bot activity. 

“Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration is based on this research, giving advertisers, platforms and publishers the tools they need to identify bot activity and invalid traffic sources. 

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Azerion to include Bot Filtration and provide more trustworthy analytics for its customers.”

Sandra Yassaka, VP Partnerships at Azerion, said: “We’ve expanded our relationship with Oracle to keep on delivering audiences at scale through clean, legitimate supply.

“We’re constantly evaluating our partnerships to enable marketers to feel confident about their choice in our platform. 

“We’re excited to introduce this new integration of invalid traffic protection to Oracle’s remit that will give our advertisers transparency and further prove the quality of our inventory.”