Avantgarde shows AI’s creative potential with inspiring quotes

avantgarde_The Motivator

Brand experiential agency Avantgarde has launched a series of motivational quotes from inspiring characters that don’t really exist.

Avantgarde and AI

The Motivator is apparently not just another quote generator, though. It’s an Artificial Intelligence generated creation, which basically means none of the motivators actually exist in real life.


Fake dudes: The guy doesn’t really exist – he and his words are an AI creation.

We’re more used to finding daily messages of inspiration in adverts and wall art, on social media and t-shirts, “even above your mum’s oven” Avantgarde chimed. The point being that these messages are designed to inspire and make the reader really think.

Since the entire planet is practically now on lockdown, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the agency decided to create inspirational guidance in the virtual world.

No human help

Avantgarde added that none of the characters are real and none of the quotes were ever spoken by a human.

The aim of the exercise is to highlight how AI has the potential to be used for making creative content; proving it doesn’t just have to be about facial recognition.

Considering the advancements in AI and the current need for digitally led projects, it’s important to embrace and explore the creative potential of the technology, the agency said.

Avantgarde_The Motivator2
Inspiration: The Motivator is also just creative AI.

Avantgarde counts BMW, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Danone and Samsung among its clients.

Serious message

The simple stunt was tagged as a bit of fun, it does pose an important question for brands with the world in lockdown.

Is there a more prominent role for AI content when it’s impossible to produce real-life content? No-one is making anything right now. This means the virtual world is one place where crowds can still gather and make things, like campaigns.