Audiencerate “slashes complexity” with new customer data platform

audiencerate launches less complex customer data platform

Audiencerate, the company behind the highly regarded identity hub powering compliant data-driven advertising, today announced the launch of its new customer data platform (CDP).

The new platform promises to significantly reduce the complexity of orchestrating first party data, making Audiencerate’s technology more accessible to brands of all sizes. 

New customer data platform

This new breed of extremely fast and scalable CDP technology will support companies of all sizes, guaranteeing modular and accessible pricing.

Having established a successful international data onboarding business for programmatic advertising, this new platform further builds on the Audiencerate vision of empowering organisations to easily leverage customer insights to improve experiences and acquire better customers on top of supporting customer retention.

Unlike existing CDP solutions that can prove expensive, complex and cumbersome, Audiencerate CDP has been designed to ensure brands generate value from their customer data in record time. 

Innovative data architecture, built leveraging an existing partnership with AWS, allows for significant scale at speed and it further contrasts its approach by placing a greater emphasis on customer acquisition, helping brands increase new business revenues as well as improving customer journeys.

Accelerated digital transformation, brought about by the pandemic, coupled with the critical need for effective first-party data management in the wake of cookie deprecation, could see the CDP market grow to a $10.3 billion valuation by 2025. 

The affordability of the new Audiencerate CDP platform will also allow SMEs to  enjoy marketing technology that was previously the preserve of enterprise level brands.

Eliminating the complexity from customer data management is fundamental to the innovative design of the Audiencerate CDP interface which has been developed in cooperation with Belka. 

No developer resource is required for behaviour and customer data collection, audience segmentation is flexible and intuitive, and customer acquisition is prioritised with an audience reach amplifier feature available. 

With increasing use of machine learning, the product roadmap further builds on this vision by removing complexity from traditionally challenging functions such as personalisation, analytics insights, consent management, and  customer data enrichment.

“Our CDP was developed thanks to collaboration with a multidisciplinary team based both in the UK and in Italy and which I thank for truly outstanding quality,” said Filippo Gramigna, CEO of Audiencerate. 

“We believe our solution can truly help a growing number of companies who recognise the vital need to understand and make the most of their proprietary customer data to remain competitive.”

“Consumers, on the other hand, rightly ask for this to be done with an approach that respects privacy. 

“We have always been at the forefront of compliance with privacy regulations thanks to TrustArc’s global certification and our new CDP will help companies achieve demonstrable value in record time, in compliance with regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.”