Audiencerate partners with PubMatic to meet private marketplace trend

audiencerate pubmatic partner on private marketplace trend - mediashotz

Audiencerate, the data platform which enables compliant data-driven advertising, today announced a partnership with PubMatic, a sell-side platform that delivers superior outcomes for digital advertising, to meet private marketplace demand in Europe.

Audiencerate data will now be available via PubMatic’s Audience Encore audience data platform across the UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain and Nordics.

EU private marketplace growth

Across Europe, private marketplaces (PMPs) are commanding an increasing share of ad spend.

PubMatic’s Audience Encore is a robust collection of data that publishers and buyers can utilise within PMPs; buyers can then use this to target chosen audience segments across the publisher’s site and the open web. 

Through Audiencerate, PubMatic will be able to reach multiple data partners globally, at scale, via a single integration.

The partnership also sees Audiencerate becoming an official PubMatic data channel partner, using their proprietary technology to provide PubMatic with access to vast privacy-compliant data sets – including AdForm and Google – across all channels, including connected TV (CTV).

“PubMatic looks for partnerships that provide publishers and advertisers with a portfolio of independent, innovative addressability solutions. 

By combining Audiencerate’s audiences with PubMatic’s scale and inventory quality, our European customers can significantly optimise reach and audience addressability essential to their omniscreen playbook. 

With third-party cookies continuing to decline and consumer privacy becoming increasingly paramount, this evolution has presented us with an opportunity for audience addressability transformation,” said Mark Williams, GTM Director EMEA for Audience & Data Solutions at PubMatic.

Filippo Gramigna, CEO at Audiencerate said: “Audiencerate leads addressability, with a deep understanding of how data is used by both buyers and publishers. 

“The partnership with PubMatic is a perfect fit for both of our companies, and one that will make marketers’ lives easier. 

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to make our privacy-compliant data available to Europe’s top brands and marketing teams on PubMatic’s Audience Encore platform.”