Audiencerate names new CEO as it opens Milan office


Audiencerate, the identity hub for data-driven advertising campaigns, today announced the appointment of Marco Del Tongo as CEO of Audiencerate Ltd and the opening of a new office in Italy.

Audiencerate CEO

With more than 20 years experience working in the technology industry, Del Tongo previously held CTO roles in a variety of industries at both Italian and international companies including Hachette Rusconi, Desdoo, Game Network, Illiar.

Del Tongo brings visionary leadership, solid technological know-how, strategic insights and business development skills to Audiencerate and is tasked with growing the business and scaling proprietary data solutions.   

Audiencerate has also announced its consolidated presence in Italy with the opening of a new office in Milan that will become the research and development centre.

It will be dedicated to customer data management, especially across privacy and GDPR compliance, as well as harnessing Artificial Intelligence.

Privacy compliance has always been at the core of Audiencerate’s activities, which adhere to all local data protection and privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and TCF 2.0.

Aligned with these principles and as part of its product-led strategy, this new centre will become the development hub for new and innovative customer-oriented data management solutions.

Del Tongo will act as interim Managing Director of the Italian division, while a new country manager for Italy is being selected.

“Audiencerate is constantly innovating the field of data-driven advertising”, said Del Tongo.

“Artificial Intelligence is creating new opportunities that will bring about a pivotal change for this sector, and I’m excited to join Audiencerate at this crucial time to help lead the business in this new frontier, develop innovative customer solutions and grow the business”.

According to Statista’s report published in November, global digital ad spend is expected to hit $450bn by 2024, up from 2023, and $477bn by 2025.

An increase in ad campaigns also increases the complexity of data management. Which is why Audiencerate has focussed on the development and enhancement of its Customer Data Platform which, after being chosen by Nexi earlier this year to improve the management and activation of first-party data in digital marketing initiatives, has recently received ISO 27001 certification to guarantee the security and rigorous management of customer data.

Gianluca Leotta, business lawyer and experienced investor in Venture Capital, M&A, Corporate Finance and member of the Board of Directors representing investors of Audiencerate Ltd said: “This is undoubtedly an exciting moment for Audiencerate, as we invest in and evolve our data-driven solutions to ensure they’re even more effective for our customers.

“The arrival of Marco Del Tongo marks the beginning of a path of expansion, growth and innovation for our market-leading offering powered by Artificial Intelligence.”